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Springfield XD sight removal

Don't have a sight pusher, do have a BFH and brass punches (that don't work)The "smiths" in my area send all their XD pistol sights to Springfield. Is there any way to get the sights out of the dove tails other than cutting them out? The last two I have changed, I had to use the dremel with a cutting wheel. (this may or may not "ding" the slide), depending on how steady the hand . ANY HELP would be appreciated, this won't be my last XD.. As we all know, O.E.M. sights are not the best.
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If you can't move them with a large brass drift, the only viable option is a sight pusher.

You can try this:
Buy a section of brass bar stock. I used a piece 1/2" thick, 3/4" wide and about 6" long.

If needed you can shape one end to more closely fit the sight.

Tape the DICKENS out of the slide to prevent any chance of a slip scarring it up.

Get the slide in a well braced no bounce-no move setup on a FIRM surface.
Using wood blocks on a concrete floor works.
If when you strike the sight the slide moves or bounces, the force is dissipated and the sight either won't move or it'll deform and possibly lock even tighter in place.
If needed, get someone to help hold it in place.

Use a smaller dead blow hammer on the large brass bar.
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Originally Posted by jm38 View Post
this won't be my last XD.. .
Then why not invest in a pusher?

The above poster is spot on with the brass drift, but tools are an investment and if a pusher would make your life easier, then buy it.
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have you ever seen a sight pusher break when attempted pushing of Springfield sights? ... Sight pusher...no thanks

Any way, thanks for the replies..
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A judicious amount of heat applied to the slide may cause the dovetail to expand enough to ease the pushing or drifting.
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Use a gun specific pusher. I'm a gunsmith...punches just tear up the gun. Have patience.
Use professional tools for a pro job. Take it to a CERTIFIED GUNSMITH or send it to us.

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Then why not invest in a pusher?
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I don't even try anymore. I cut the rear site with a cut off wheel. The fronts can be pushed.
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I ran both my front and rear sights on my xd out with a cheap, "universal" sight pusher. It comes with a bunch of small aluminum blocks to mate up to a glock slide, xd slide, sig, etc.
Worked just fine. Tighter than glocks, yes, but not impossible. You need to drive the sights out to the left though, and install from the left as well. At least, that's the conventional wisdom from the xd talk forum.

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