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Tokarev m57 9mm conversion problem. Question.

I recently purchased a 9mm Tokarev barrel and barrel bushing in hopes of converting my M57 (without slide safety) to 9mm from it's current caliber of 7.62x25. Tonight I tried to put it together. After a bit of filing and polishing the barrel locks up and actions well. The problem I have encountered is that the pistol will not fire once there is a round in chamber. It acts like there is a magazine disconnect that is not releasing. I understand there is differences in the ammo sizes but the pistol actions smoothly. The pistol will fire with no round in the magazine or chamber.

Does anyone know if you have to use a 9mm magazine when doing this conversion? I do not have a 9mm Tokarev magazine to try. This is the first attempt at converting an M57 for me.

Thanks for any information or input

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I wouldn't think the magazine would prevent the action from operating.

From your description it sounds like the disconnecter is being activated some how.
Does the slide go all the way forward when a round is chambered?
If not the slide may be held just far enough back that the disconnecter prevents the action from dropping the hammer.
You should be able to tell by looking at the rear of the slide and see if it's even with the frame.

Other then that, if you pull the trigger and the hammer just doesn't drop and you can feel that it's not engaging I'd be looking for some reason why a cartridge in the chamber is causing the failure for the trigger assembly to operate correctly.
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not sure about the surplus guns but the commercial guns all have a magazine safety pinned onto the frame itself and is kind of riveted on. I removed all mine. You can punch out the rivet or pin pretty easily with a center punch. some are easier than others.

If you just need to test cycling dummy rounds pull the grips off and wedge something underneath the magazine safety lever just far enough to clear the trigger bar.

The 9mm conversion is not nearly as easy as people say. The commercial slide mounted safety models use a lower magazine spacer pinned into the frame in conjunction with a different hammer block housing which extends into the mag well to act as an upper spacer for the magazine.

7.62x25 magazines dont work very well for 9mm. They will hand cycle fine most of the time but when shooting your probably looking at a 10-20 percent failure rate. There is just too much extra space in the mag and it leads to all kinds of malfunctions both in ejection and feeding.

You also have a different ejector location on the 9mm guns which is farther up the left feed lip on the hammer housing. Extractors are also a little temperamental in 9mm. You can tweak them but only so much.

people who say its just a barrel and bushing change are full of it IMO. I have been through this with Toks a few times and am still learning. they are actually one of my favorite guns but not nearly as conversion friendly as people make them out to be.

Yugo Toks are also specked out a little different than the other toks. If you have a zastava frame that will take a chinese, russian, or romanian barrel its a unicorn.

Honestly the best thing you can do with toks is stick to one caliber type per gun and tweek it to get it running as smooth as possible.

Best thing the zastavas have going for them is the steel. Very hard stuff as apposed to the patented Butter steel used in many of the norinco tokarevs.

For 9mms

commercial zastava toks are nice looking but they are some of the loosest and poorly fitted guns i have ever handled. some parts are undersized and some are oversized.

then you have commercial norincos. They can be so rough in tooling and tight fitting that they wont go into battery. If the gun is not reworked and stoned the rails will bind and peen making things worse. They also have some strange factory modifications that dont seem to make sense. a big one being the breech plug that extends on the underside of the slide. i have seen breech faces rip out due to this.

as i said i am a big fan of the design. I actually came here because they are close in barrel fitting areas to 1911s and am currently putting together a few from parts with many different origins.

For your conversion i can only think of one option and that is to create your own spacer inside a standard 9 round 7.62x25 mag. Your also going to need to make a follower from scratch and make a magazine spring. If your just going to shoot it once and a while at the range though just try using a standard 7.62 nine round mag and play around with it. it will shoot just not fully reliable. You get some kind of funny stoppages... shell casings doing 180 inside the slide....double feeds etc. etc. I just went to 9mm magazines along with correct ejector and all was cured. it was frustrating trying to figure out what the problem was though. i wanted 100% reliability because that particular gun is one i carry a lot.

Also..i dont know much about you but if you decide to carry one of these they are safe but you really have to understand the mechanism. Hammer down on a live round is a negligent discharge waiting to happen. There are some mods that make them a little more carry friendly.

I actually just picked up a 38super barrel for one last week so it will be interesting trying to make that work.

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