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Help me fill in the blanks...

First of all, just from looking around a little I'm very happy to have found this board. I'm no gunsmith, but I do all my own work with a LOT of help from Kuhnhausen and Hallock's books. I can learn a lot here.

I have never sold a gun and don't intend to, so am not interested in appraisalif this gun. I'm just curious about its origins.

This was my late father's IPSC race gun in the early to mid eighties in N. Central Texas. The frame is a Colt series 70, a 1979 production by the serial number which indicates it is a plated frame and not stainless (correct?). Slide is also a Colt 70.

My dad got out of shooting and gunsmithing (mostly wood work on rifles-beautiful checkering on wood) when I was a little kid (mid eighties) and I think I remember him telling me he built it, but I really can't be sure as I was so young. I had two conversations with him about the gun-one when I was a kid and curious about everything, and secondly when his ALS was very advanced and I asked him a few questions about it when he gave it to me. It was very difficult for him to talk, so I didn't ask a lot of questions about it. Unfortunately, I don't remember a whole lot from these conversations.
He was very much DIY and the checkering on this pistol is maybe not up to the high quality we usually see associated with Heine, Nastoff, Hoag, Swenson, etc so maybe he did do it.
I do remember him saying it had a lot of King's parts. Is that a #203 beavertail?
The grip safety is "pinned" and non functioning. My dad said that was common at the time. It has a fair bit of holster wear from thousands (I'm sure) of presentations from his Taylor Omega holster.
You can see a small imperfection in the top of the slide where the original front sight base was filled/welded then ground smooth.
There are no maker engravings on the disconnector rail, under the slide stop, etc.
The barrel extension is weighted. The checkering is around 20 lpi and not terribly abrasive.
The trigger is very crisp and around 3 lbs. The Swenson safety has the Fallbrook marking.

The magwell is swaged and doesn't have the diagonal checkered some used when swaging.

The Bo-Mar is "melted" and the back of the slide is also checkered. Not a "K" sight on the front like a lot of pin guns from the era had.

The checkering on the maispring housing carries over onto the frame, which I've not seen before.

The gun is extremely inherently accurate. I remember when I was a kid getting ready for my first deer season (12 years old) sighting in the Winchester model 88 in .308 that my dad had just given me. My shoulder was about shot-out for the day, and before we packed up, my dad walked out to 100 yards and stapled up a paper plate. He walked back to the line and assumed his old bullseye stance with one hand behind his back and his right side bladed toward the target, feet spread and pointing outward, and his back kind of curved and he put 6 or 7 from an 8 round mag into the plate. He hadn't shot a pistol in years at that point.

I still have a bunch of his handloads (and the springs that go with them). He had very hot loads and a stiff spring for maybe shooting pins?
But he had a whole lot of "mouse fart" loads and a weak spring for shooting matches.

I took it to the range recently and with 230gr WWB it felt like the slide was battering the frame, so I swapped in a 17 pound recoil spring from a Springfield of mine and it was perfect, so he must have been running the lighter spring.

How about some pictures? I can take more if there's something that needs to be seen.

Anything you guys can tell me will be appreciated.
Thanks for your time!

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I'll just say that you have inherited a fine heirloom, but it's made to be used for another generation or two, not hung up in a display case. IPSC has evolved by having several pistol categories, this gun should fit one of them nicely. It would be excellent for non-scope class at bowling pin matches.

Welcome to Pistolsmith by the way. It's not a very busy site but even the oldest posts are still accessible.
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Indeed! This is quite a nice board! The "signal-to-noise" ratio (for lack of a better term) is fantastic.
A lot of good info, not a lot of drama.

Absolutely agree with you that this is a shooter, not a looker. My dad shot it A LOT back then.
I wish there was some magical round counter on the thing because I shudder to think!

I know when he was serious about competing he was shooting about 500-700 a week through it. Some of my favorite memories of just the two of us was helping him reload at night when he'd come home from work.
He'd give me little tasks like orienting the primers in the tray and loading the tubes of his Dillon press (keeping a good eye on me, I'm sure). And I ran his vibrating case cleaner for him. I loved those little jobs.

Sure miss the guy but I still have the memories.

This gun had some hard use, but has held up well I think.
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From another forum I'm on, some guys say they recognize parts that look like Jim Boland's work, like the way the msh checkering was carried over to the frame. Another guy said Lee Hunter, but I can't find any pics of his work. Another guy said it looked like a Swenson grip safety too, but who knows.
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New information has come to me in the form of pictures from another member with a custom from Eddie Jimenea in Houston that is damn-near identical.
I think I've solved it!

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