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ruger P-series swinging link design

I need a little help with this. I am going through some different designs and checking functions and operation. I am a little confused with the timing and locking/unlocking design of the Ruger p85/89/90/91 swinging link barrel designs.

I have a pretty decent understanding of the 1911 type design (still working on it) and trying to compare it to a tokarev which seems the same. More on that later.

with the ruger though the barrel never contacts the frame like a 1911 type hiting the VIS area.

What I am trying to do is check the barrel locking/fit etc of some different pistols that have spare complete uppers. Kind of a basic test to make sure the gun is safe to shoot.
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It's a direct copy of the Colt-Browning locked breech, tilting barrel, short recoil operation, so it functions exactly the same way...including the barrel timing into and out of the slide.

with the ruger though the barrel never contacts the frame like a 1911 type hiting the VIS area.
There has to be something to stop the barrel. It can't stop on the link for long without damage to the link and the lower barrel lug.

Odd as it may sound, I've never had one of the Rugers down, and I've only actually seen three or four. They were never very common around these parts.

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