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understanding the tokarev

trying to figure some things out and the only place i could think of was here and on a 1911 forum so I am running a thread both here and there looking for answers and confirmation. Thanks in advance.

Ok so I have a sentimental condition with Tokarevs. First semi auto pistol I ever shot was a norinco 213 in 9mm which I own a bunch off. i know all the limitations as far as quality of the patented butter grade steel the chinese used for these. Through the years I have shot them more often than my other more expensive quality guns as for some reason, again probably sentimental nostalgia, I just always end up with one in my hand. accuracy is nowhere near the level attained here by some of you but they are accurate enough for me to enjoy.

so in the past I have always done light work on these pistols mostly just smoothing the action through stoning and a few modifications to make them a little more carry friendly. I also have done a good bit of external work removing all the rough tooling marks (which there are a lot of!) on the exterior.

Now .... barrel fitting work I have never touched other than a recrown if something was damaged. Right now i am trying to get an understanding on all the locking dynamics of the barrel which seems to mirror the 1911 other than the barrel hood.

So first I am taking my 9mm norinco i shoot the most often and carry. reason being is that i have put lots of rounds through it and never noticed any issues regarding buldged brass or premature wear. It is also very, very smooth action wise after a good bit of work and inspection. this pistol was unfired when i bought it and would not go into battery on an empty chamber. i actually had to File the rails before stoning they were so far out of spec (welcome to norinco toks!)

OK... so checking barrel fit.

I pulled the SS pin and let it dangle. Pushed the front end back to to where the barrel drops. SS pin is still spinning freely. Check, everything seems good. The upper barrel lugs are clearing the slide recess lugs so from my understand the lower lugs are hitting the VIS correctly.

Now I want to know where they are hitting. My barrel is in the white so i disassemble and mark the lower barrel lug with black sharpie along with the VIS and barrel bed. assemble and cycle three mags of dummy rounds through the action. Disassemble and check for contact. Looks like the barrel is hitting right on the bow tie so all seems to be correct.

Am I on the right path here? Does this sound correct?

Where i am going with this is i am trying to have a properly fit pistol to use as my sample for building some other 9mm toks from parts which I have. this thread will probably be ongoing as i go through this. I am not trying to achieve match grade accuracy here. Just safe and proper functioning pistols with typical tokarev grade accuracy.

any help is greatly appreciated as i really hate ruining expensive and hard to find parts that i have spent a great deal of time and money accumulating.
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