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Is there such a beast as an 8" barrel for a 1911? Would there be any functioning problems if there was? I would assume not if the gun was tuned for it. This is all another crazy idea floating around in my head.
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I guess I gotta be the first to ask...why?

In a partial answer to your question: The barrel tips (rotates) at the area of the barrel bushing. It also drops down at the chamber area. I am sure you can set teh gun up to where it is loose enough to pivot at the bushing. Comped gun are similar. They have to be setup to run with the added weight past the pivot poin of the barrel.
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Well, it is a simple answer I guess. I have noticed shooting various calibers that some tend to have considerable muzzle flash. And the shorter the barrel the more the flash and the lower the velocity. I was sitting around dreaming about guns last night and thought that a 6" slide 1911 in .45 super with an 8" barrel would make quite an impressive gun as a conversation peice and it would also make the muzzle blast much lower than the 5" barreled monster I shot. I would presumably get increased velocity as a perk. With this extra speed it make make a quite impressive hunting gun should I ever be able to hunt with a semi auto.

To make it all simple. I plan to purchase and STI 6" in .45 super. If I can have it rebarreled for 8" I think it would make it a much more unique gun and more to my twisted liking. I already own a 10" barreled Ruger .22. If I thought I could get away with it I would be looking for a 10" barrel for .45 super, but that's just plain sick.

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