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Ruger's New Pistol Caliber Carbine.. What do you think??

I am mulling over getting a Ruger PCC 9mm to have here on the farm. Something that does not intimidate the wife and she can shoot well. As well as something to enhance my 9mm collection. Has anybody purchased one yet. What do you think? How does it shoot? Like or Dislike.?

AND YES I have watched the You Tube videos. But want some opinions from some one who is an actual gun user and not a paid hack to promote the gun.

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Just picked mine up Thursday at my local range. After looking it over and checking for too much grease, it was clean. It ran great right out of the box. Put 100 rounds of Win white box, 50 rounds of Blazer Brass & 50 rounds of Federal Aluminum. All with any problems. Shoots great with low recoil. I will put another couple of hundred rounds through it next Thursday. Love it. A friend shot one Ruger mag. He will order his when he gets back from a road trip.

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