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Rebound slide spring weight

What is the recommended #weight for a S&W 'K' frame for a better DA trigger pull?
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Because each revolver is slightly different you can't definitively say what weight will work.
You just need to buy a spring kit from Brownell's or Wolff Gun Springs.

These usually have three rebound springs so you can install one and test fire.
If you get miss-fires, install the next spring up.
Personally, I test fired at least 50 rounds to insure proper reliability once I though the best spring was in.

You also have to insure the trigger will reset properly and that you don't have problems with "short stroking" the trigger.

In later years I recommended sticking with the factory spring and practice to build up your trigger finger so you don't need lighter springs.
I still think the old S&W advice to police armorers to clip 1 to 1 1/2 coils off the rebound spring is the best way to go.
This is hotly advised against now that there are spring kits, but it worked for the cops for a long time.
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Most smiths who spend time in the lockwork polishing parts end up with either a #13 or #14 rebound spring. A lot depends on the degree of polishing and knowledge of the smith as to trigger return rate.

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Please explain how the weight of Rebound Spring effects the possibilities of mis fires....???.... short stroking? Or ones finger out running the trigger reset?? Does not messing with the main spring effect reliability the most??! Thanks

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I probably miss-posted the "miss-fire" part of the post.

The problem with lighter rebound springs is short stroking the trigger due to slower trigger reset.
Many speed shooters install heavier rebound spring so they can cycle the trigger faster without outrunning the trigger speed.

The major issue in springs and actual miss-fires is the mainspring.
Lighten it up and you may well have failures to ignite the primer.

People insist that a "Good" trigger is a light trigger.
This is no longer valid to many pistolsmiths, because we know that a good trigger is a SMOOTH trigger. A smooth action feels lighter but retains the correct operation of the action.

People also insist that a smooth trigger is one that's had the action "polished", meaning "like a mirror".
What we mean by polish is smoothed to reduce roughness left by machining the parts.
Since most S&W action parts are now made of MIM, Metal Injection Molding, there are no machine marks to smooth.
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Yup I agree. I have a IPSC/IDPA revolver friend that does Amazing work on Smith trigs..... Smooooth. He’d shoot national level events. I was (too rusty now) an CDP Expert and his stage times were Consistently better than mine

I have a M38 Bodyguard and put in Wulffs gunspring kit. Came with three rebound springs and half LB lighter main..... I chose the middle wt spring and it and three others I’ve done have been Absolutely 100%!!!!

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