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Colt 1917 45acp revolver questions

I have one of these US Army 1917 revolvers and would like to lighten the hammer spring and get some replacement grips. Does anyone know where to get those parts? Mine is in excellent condition and I really like this pistol but finding parts/grips has proven to be a challenge. A search on this site brought up nothing.
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Almost all New Service/Model 1917 mainsprings are replicas now that the supply has dried up.
The replicas are pretty good quality, but there are no reduced power springs made.

One way to lower the spring weight is an approved Colt method BUT you have to do it the right way.
You'll need some small drill bits and a good trigger spring gauge or a weight type trigger pull gauger set to measure the trigger pull weight.

Take the grips off and insert a small drill bit shank between the two "legs" of the Vee spring back to the rear of the spring.
Cock the hammer.
This will put a slight bend in the upper leg of the spring and lighten the pull.
If it's not enough, go up one size of drill and repeat.
Use a trigger pull gauge to measure the weight EVERY time to avoid over bending the spring.

People hear about this technique but don't bother to use a spring or weight gauge and over-bend the spring.
This is why a classic Colt revolver problem is the gun will fire reliably in single action but will miss-fire in double action.
The DA hammer fall is shorter then the SA and a over-bent spring is the cause of miss-fires.

What the standard was for the New Service/Model 1917 was apparently...
Double action... Maximum of 12 pounds.
Single action... MINIMUM of 3 pounds.
You have to stay within BOTH DA and SA specifications or you'll have problems.

Grips depend on what you want, original type smooth walnut or some more modern type.
You can sometimes find original smooth walnut military grips on Ebay and Gunbroker,com, and possibly new made replicas. If your'e looking for originals it's buyer beware due to replicas and fakes.
There are modern replicas available at reasonable prices....

colt 1917 grips

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