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Ba_50 09-28-2020 01:14 PM

Bernardelli M80 .380 mag release
It is almost impossible to push release back to get the clip out. Don't know what to do. I have pictures but can't see anyway to add them. Thanks

dfariswheel 09-28-2020 06:32 PM

Here's a schematic and some parts for the Model 80.........


Generally these European heel releases seldom cause problems.

Some things to look at....

Check for burrs or bent parts that are causing it to stick.

Check to see if the spring has been replaced with an incorrect part. Part 40.

Check for interference from the grips.
If the wood or plastic warps it may interfere with the release.

Look for burrs or wear on the magazine itself.

I'd start out by field stripping the gun and removing the grips.
This will get everything out of the way so you can inspect the function of the release.
If necessary, push put the retaining pin, part 30 and remove the release and spring so you can spot the problem.

Depending on how it's made, it could just be the grooves in the release are not aggressive enough to give your thumb enough purchase or you might clip a coil off the spring the lessen tension.

Ba_50 09-29-2020 07:24 AM

Does part 30 go through the top of the mag release?
One mag comes out ok but the other one seems to hang up on part 58.

Ba_50 09-29-2020 07:26 AM

Sorry, not 58 but the outside bottom edge of the clip.

Ba_50 09-29-2020 03:18 PM

Got another problem. The two pins are out and a coil has been taken off. No#5 is way below the upper pin hole. The hammer is cocked. If it is decked it will go back up into position?

Ba_50 09-29-2020 03:23 PM

Part 5 looks bent sideways. What would you suggest?

dfariswheel 09-29-2020 03:31 PM

The release retaining pin, part 30 goes through the frame and through the top holes in the release, part 7.

Uncock the hammer and make sure the slide is off.
You may need to press hard on the bottom of the mainspring housing, part 5 to get the holes to align.
You can use a pin punch to help get the parts to align.

Inspect the lower-rear of the magazine that sticks for bulges or deformation.
Also check the magazine catch to insure it has full movement far enough to the rear to completely clear the magazine.
Look for anything that limits full movement.

dfariswheel 09-29-2020 03:33 PM

Part 5 may be that way by intent.

If not, you can try bending it back or just buy a new one from Gun Parts Corp.

Ba_50 09-29-2020 03:50 PM

How do I uncock it?

dfariswheel 09-29-2020 03:56 PM

Hold the hammer with your thumb, pull the trigger and hold it back, then push the hammer forward all the way.

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