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After reading a lot of nonsense the last few days I pulled one of my Kimbers that Dane had reworked for me out of my safe. I took it and one of my Wilson's to the range. I shot over 500 rounds through the guns. No problems from either gun. I shoot the Kimber slightly better than my CQB because of the way it fits after Dane's work. That is saying a lot because the CQB has a better barrel/slide fit and I think it is an excellent gun.

The point is I am in a position to criticise his work or Wilson's because I own the products and use them. I have his work and more coming. Our dealings have been to my satisfaction so when you read complaints of others make sure that they have direct experience with what they talk about. I'm sick of hearing people cry about something they don't know shit about, his guns.
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Old 02-16-2002, 09:03 PM   #2
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Remarkable how many users of Burns pistols have responded affirmatively about their satisfaction, the professionalism of the maker, and the quality of the product.

Equally remarkable is the number of detractors who clearly have an axe to grind---several of whom seem to have no special stature or credentials, but seem to have ego problems from being booted off the forums.

All of this speaks strongly for Burns.

Now mind you, I don't have any special stature or credentials either, but I surely trusted Dane enough to send him a brace of Swenson-Colts to refurbish--as well as 5 other Colts to work on and in one case to sub-contract out some engraving. As a matter of faith and trust in the end result, there is only one other pistolsmith whom I'd have trusted to take these pieces and work on them and his work load was too far in advance and I didn't have a personal contact with him.

It was the personal contact and the opportunity to spend a few days in the hunting field with him that convinced me to send the guns with Dane.

Currently, one of the Swenson-Colts is back in my hands and one is shortly to be, I hope, personally delivered in the near term. I'm still evaluating the first piece, but suffice it to say there are subtle changes of which I think Armand would have approved wholeheartedly and what has been done has been done with the thought in mind to maintain the basic gun as a Swenson Colt--to treat it with respect and and not out of ego creating a Burns coup on and Old Master's gun.

Dane's subtle changes surely make the piece better feeling and better looking. It shoots at least as well as it did when new and that qualification is made only because my eyes have aged 30-odd years since that time and I'm not sure I can shoot up to the gun. Haven't shot it enough to break in the new barrel, but it appears to be reliable with full powered ammunition with a variety of projectile shapes and lengths.

As a point of information about parts replacers as if that is demeaning in itself, Dane and I argue abour older quality vs current quality and I prefer the older workmanship. Still, I do agree there is much to be said for modern metallurgy and modern precision production IF it's put together by someone with the proper skill and right feel. Certainly, Armand Swenson built a lot of parts by hand that are available across the counter now. He made them because no one produced them at the time the way he knew they needed to be.

When the quality is there, I see no reason to use a hand made part over a machine produced part if the savings in money is passed on to the user and quality doesn't suffer.

Right now, Dane seems to me to have a pretty fair handle on producing a work gun and a "Best Gun" who share the same primary consideration: to WORK. I have certainly had some name smith's work of which I cannot say the same.

No doubt this little brouhaha will fade as rapidly as it developed and I have no doubt that Dane's business will continue to develop because he produces a quality product and keeps an open mind to improve what he does.

Good shooting to all--I know I will with my newly re-furbished Swenson Colt courtesy of Dane Burns.

Now if y'all will let this little brouhaha settle, mebbe I can get the mate to my Swenson back.........
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Let me start off by saying that this is my first post here and I am looking forward to
posting more industry related subjects in the future.

I have met Dane Burns a few times and have shot many of his guns on the firing line that where owned by professionals that use them for lets say "serious work". They have always shot well and look like
works of art.I think Dane is getting a bad rap over on another web site
by a guy that has issues of his own that he should be dealing with in regards to quality control.

(my aplogies for the edit but I won't allow any more personal attacts on pistolsmith.com)

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Old 02-18-2002, 12:31 AM   #4
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Speaking of "detractors" and "dark geniuses", try something really interesting. Do a search on all the gun forums under Dane Burns and check out the positive remarks about a particular "parts changer" and glowing recommendations for his work, all coming from these same guys just a year or so ago. Why all of a sudden is Dane a bad gunsmith and a crook?

This crap has absolutely nothing to do with Dane's work or his past. The same stuff happened to Gabe Suarez and it had nothing to do with Gabe's teaching ability or character. It has to do with a few guys' inability to cope with critisism and competition, IMHO.


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Guys, please keep the comments on track and avoid making this forum a trash heap like some others.

I appreciate the comments on my work but no reason to flame anyone here.

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Old 02-18-2002, 01:20 AM   #6
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Sorry for the rant, after reading the junk on another forum I couldn't resist doing a bit of research and making this post.

Old 02-18-2002, 01:36 AM   #7
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Sorry Dane,
As I was composing the above you posted your request and by the time I read it,it was too late.I will do as you request and re-frame from making inappropriate remarks that are out of context of the thread!
Old 02-18-2002, 01:38 AM   #8
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No worries and few keep it in context....just NO..personal flames about anyone on this forum.

For instance, anyone who wants to bitch about my work in private or in public is welcome to it.....call the guns anything you like. Call me something I find insulting and the post will be gone.

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Perhaps you should review your comments. Look at when this person joined and what type of posts thay have just left in three areas. I'd ask you to not include myself and many others in any comparision with this individual. Thank you.

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