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There are lots of good barrel makers out there. Kart, Ed Brown, Schuemann, KKM,Nowlin, etc. Do you really need a headache? Or do you just want something simple, like a high quality barrel for one of the most mass-produced handguns in history? People have been beating this horse for years. You either have to consign yourself to believing a Bar-Sto is worth an inordinate and unexplainable wait, or buy another barrel. Accepting orders and delivering quality products in a timely manner at a reasonable price is just good business, not magic. Any of the other makers can do that, and do it well.
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Barsto makes good barrels, but if at all possible I order mine from Brownells:

Customer service, Brownells makes me feel like a freaking king!
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All I wanted for now was a GI recoil plug!So I ordered that a barrel bushing and wrench.I liked their plugs because they are not checkered and are in ss,I ordered the other parts just for their troubles and later down the road I WAS going to order a barrel to have fitted.I can understand being busy,but surely they have someone answering emails and the phone.I would also like to know if there is a problem with my card,wouldnt you?So now im not sure rather to order a plug and take a chance on having two come in!

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Not to add to your misery........Only once have I had them actually ans. their phone!
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I bought my barrel from Kart. Had it installed, It works great. Called Kart on a Saturday. Fred Kart answered the phone. He explained to me that they were closed, I was just lucky to catch him there, "but if a man wants a barrel, I gotta take care of him." he said, gave me the price & mailing instructions. got the barrel about a week later. Great product, personable service. what more could you ask for?
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I find this sad. I love the Bar-Sto product,
and I've always recieved nothing but great
customer service. I'm not a 'smith, but
have bought a total of 13 barrels from them,
all of which I recieved in a reasonable
amount of time, and all have shot very well.
Sorry you are having so much trouble. Irv
Stone III is a nice guy to deal with as
well. Hmmmmmm.
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That's unfortunate to hear about Bar-Sto. I've ordered 2 barrels from them, and while the delivery times wouldn't exactly pin your ears back, the service was good and the quality was outstanding. That was about a year ago. They even promptly answered some dumb questions I asked them. I'm not here to tell you that nothing is as good as a Bar-Sto, but I had no problems with them either and consider myself a satisified customer.

Maybe their e-mail isn't working? It would explain everything you have described so far. Just a thought.
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Well guys I guess I owe the guys at BarSto an appoligy,I got an email response on the parts being in stock,alittle later then expected(2 weeks later)but better then never! :wink:

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