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Looking for some advice. I'm needing some basic work done to my gun. Its failing to extract some rounds from the chamber. I've been considering EGW, Clark, and Dave Macey out of Prescott Valley, AZ. I've decided it is most definitely a keeper, shooter, and not a conversation piece. I have the original 7.5" barrel, Clark barrel for scope only, and the Clark barrel with Bomars.

Once the reliabilty work is out of the way I want someone with more experience than myself to see if any improvements can be made in the accurracy department. Primarily talking about the older barrel but I want that Smith to give the Clark barrels a once over.

The finish is also showing some age. This is another area that I just don't really know what to do. I looking at having the Smith polish the slide, frame, and side of the barrel while leaving the top matte. Looking for a much more durable finish that the old blue. Suggestions? I had been leaning toward giving Tripp a call and discussing with him his thoughts on black Chrome.

Thanks for your input!
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Did you check for ware on the extractor/spring? Might be weak or dirty. My 41 does that every so often, & I don't clean it as often as I should.
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I clean it often enough but a lot of rounds have passed through this great little gun. The accuracy improved with the purchase of the Clark barrels but I think the original barrel is okay. The crown looks to be in pretty good shape but I'm sure any Smith would suggest it be recrowned. I shoots CCI Standard velocity without a hitch but my favorite cheap ammo (Federal Light.)has stared to cause jamms. Did not do that before. Springs probably need changing and the extractor changed or tuned. Its basically a fun gun for me. Trigger pull is at 2.5# and I would like to see if someone can make that even lighter. Shot a Browning .22 that measured 1.7#. Like that trigger pull!

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It might be your favorite el-cheapo ammo has been changed by the manufacture. One .22 target ammo was changed and designated with a "B" if my memory is correct. It caused lost of problems in bullseye shooting.

Check your ammo before doing modifications or repair that in not needed. There is a very good rimfire smith in Arazona but I do not remember his name. Will add to this post if I do. Mike

I have not had any work done by Falcon Machining but they would be the first for me to contact on .22 match pistol work.
Falcon Machining Ltd.
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S & W 41

Hi Tim, You say not extracting out of the chamber, or do you mean not ejecting out of the gun. First thing you do is slowly pull back the slide and see if the extractor engages the case rim. If it does does it maintain a firm grip on the cartridge all the way back to the ejector. Many 41s have an extractor which is too long and thus allows the cartridge rim out of the headspace in the slide and the round is out of line when it gets to the ejector. This has been a common problem with the 41 since the 50s. If this is the problem let me know and Ill tell you how to solve it quickly and will eject the empty 20 feet. Also if you have a safety working its way up while shooting tell me Thats also a simple cure

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