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I recently field tested the Savage for about 500 rounds. Pretty decent gun for the money and accuracy is (in the rifle I shot) pretty darn good. The PSS and Stealth are also free floated and bedded models but IMO the PSS and Stealth stocks feel less "chincy(sp?)" No real right or wrong here among the three, just find one that fits your budget and ergonomics and then shoot the heck out of it.

Good Luck

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next time try holding the pss and the remington varmint 308 next to eachother.. the rifles are exactly the same, except for the stock on the pss which is much heavier. made by hs precision and yes designed for one purpose.. if you are gonna carry this all day on the hunt, it may wear you down. varmint may be lighter and more desireable to carry. cant go wrong with remington either.. many aftermarket parts and upgrades..
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Fabrique Nationale Herstal - USA SPR

Why not consider the FN SPR (Special Purpose Rifle)? For $1,000 (about $200 to $250 more than a 700P) I don't think you'll find a nicer rifle. Take a look.
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As far as accuracy goes, based on my own personal rifles and stock class in benchrest shoots I would give the nod to Remington. I don't know if any are still available but Remington did a special run of 5-R Milspec, Model 700's mine is very accurate ( less than .5 MOA ) with match ammo. I also like the stock better on this than the PSS as it fits me better ( not so thick through the handgrip ). Based upon my single example of this rifle ( I have seen a couple others just not seen them shot ), it is tied for the most accurate rifle I own, look up my previous post.

One big advantage of the Remington is parts availability, and every gunsmith knows how to work on one.

For boar hunting I wouldn't want a varmit type rig at all. A 20-22" barrel is a lot better gun to pack around. Pay attention to your weight, my Milspec weights close to 10 lbs with scope. Too heavy for a casual packing rifle, and definately heavy in rough terrain. I would want 2lbs min trimmed from that for a carry rifle.

Ideal for me is a not currently manufactured gun. Either a Remington 700 ( or 7 ), Model 70 Win, Sako or CZ with 20"-22" barrel in a #4-5 contour. I would like a shorter stiffer barrel than any currently offered. I suppose that having a stock varmiter cut of and recrowned would get close, but the stock would still be too heavy for carry. I just bought a CZ 550 a few months ago ( in 6.5x55 ) which had all the features I liked except the barrel contour was too light. I am not crazy on their magazine version on the 308, but a rebarreling of a 270 or 06 with a stiffer barrel would make a good rifle. The Remington Model 7 has the same issues in my book and again all is right if I changed out the barrel. The Winchester classic compact is pretty close except it is not chambered in 308, and I don't like the schnabel forends on the new Winny's. Ruger's I will remain politely silent on, the Savages are a good rifle but I don't want one to carry, too ugly, if I was doing a varmit rig that would change considerably as the new accu-trigger and changable barrels are real interesting.

All in all if I wanted a out of the box 308, for boar hunting, I would look at a Remington Model 7, this is based on price point and features.

Work on defining how accurate you want this rifle, for big game hunting 1-1.5 MOA is more than adequate, for long range varmit hunting that could be pared down by at least .5 MOA. For benchrest or sniper type rifle varmit accuracy is minimum.

Again as said previously there is not right or wrong on this, just your requirements and preferences.
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I would go with the Win Model 70, or have a 308 built on the Montana Action
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This is a 7 year old thread, but I'm an oldie too so what the heck.

If I can't use my patrol M4 and get'em with 30rounds then I'll use my Remmy PSS 308. Tweeked by the guys at AMU/MTU. Heavy? You bet. But it will shoot 1/4 MOA with LC Match.
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In the thick stuff against big hogs or other dangerous animals, I like the Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70. Just hi-jackin a VERY old thread.........

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