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best varmit rifle

I am looking for a high quality rifle for hunting gophers and the like. Anyone have any suggestions. I have looked at ruger 10/22T but would appreciate anyone with knowledge in this area that would have some suggestions. What about the .17hmt (I think that is what it is called)? I hi quality bolt action with a magazine would be great also.
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You have quite a bit more range with the 17HMR.

Its not as cheap to shoot as the .22 but 50 rounds for less than $7 abox can kill a lot of gophers. Don't recall the exact model number right now but I have the Marlin Bolt action with the gray laminated stock and sem--heavy barrel. It is very accurate and a trigger job is relatively cheap on this gun. Its gets even cheaper if you can do it yourself
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Tim is right about the 17HMR. But IMO, you cant go wrong with a turn bolt in 223.

Good Luck!
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Look at the Tikka Varmint Rifles

The Tikka (by Sako, imported by Beretta) rifles are available in the .223 REM, bolt action, with 3-6 shot clips. Blued, stainless or black anodized (the T3 Tactical, what I varmint hunt with and it is a little overkill for gophers)
are very affordable, with 1MOA out of the box.
Great guns, great price, highly recommend and no, I do not work for them...
:wink: :wink:
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miny varmit rifle

If you talking in the 22 LR range, I use a Volquetson tension barrel, on a target Ruger 10/22, ( the target action has a two stage trigger) and a Fajen silhoutte stock topped with a 3X9 Close Focus Leupold. It will shoot in almost the same hole at 25 yards with true target ammo. Running up the scale, (skipping hand guns), Remington makes a fine .221 Fireball in their Stainless carry Varmiter,. If you want something in the middle CZ makes a 22 Hornet that shoots 1 inch groups with 35 gr.V-Max and 13 grs. of 296. How specialized do you want to get.?
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I'm with everyone else. What type of varmint hunting are you going to do, and at what range?

For .22's you can't go wrong with the 10/22. The 10/22T is fine. You can also add a heavy barrel to a standard 10/22 for about the same price as the 10/22T, give or take, and have a fine shooter (1/2"@ 50 yds).

The .17's are great. But like mentioned earlier, they are a bit more costly to shoot. They are a lot of fun and very accurate.

Someone mentioned the .22 Hornet. It's limited to about 200 yds, but is a blast to shoot. Low report and no recoil. One of my favorites.

For a long range rifle. You might look at Savage. Their heavy barreled varmint models shoot wonderfully. I've got a model 12FV in 22-250 and can get almost one hole 100 yd groups with handloads if I do my part. It doesn't do too bad with factory ammo either. A great thing about the Savages is the price. Mine was $399. The only problem is the stocks on some models are pretty cheesy.

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