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Advise would be most appreciated.

Hi, gents. Been some time since I've posted here, but I have a dillema with which I hope you can help me.

I had a .300 Weatherby built on a 700 long action back in the late 1980s as strictly a hunting gun; I don't think I ever shot it past 400 yards. The throat finally went right at the turn of the century, and I had it rebarreled in .300 Win. Since then, it has not been shot much; only 142 rounds through the new barrel.

Now, last week, I yanked the old Leupold base and rings off and installed Badgers. I guessed, got high Badger rings, and found that they're probably a hair too tall, but this also gave me a taller reference reference point (the top of the elevation scope turret) to compare to the rear line of the receiver and the butt stock, and my post-installation examination revealed a problem I had not bothered to look for when this was “just a huntin’ gun”. I immediately noticed that the top of the turret was not perpendicular to the vertical line of the butt stock. Closer examination shows that the problem is that the base holes in the receiver were not drilled precisely on top of the receiver, but off to the right (starboard) a bit.

Can this be remedied or gotten around? Seems to me that I could drill new holes directly on top of the receiver, and then drill holes in a Badger base to mate with them? If so, would it be advisable to install the base with both screws AND epoxy or Devcon for added strength? What should I fill the old holes in with – grease, epoxy, Devcon?

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Suit yourself. I'd live with it -

Suit yourself. I'd live with it - assuming ejection is good and all the rest. It worked through one barrel I'd want a better explanation why it stopped working?

There have been any number of offset mounts on purpose. I think a combination of the old Pachmayr quick detatch and a Redfield base is the most holes I've seen in a receiver.

If I didn't want to live with it I might get an undrilled base and put a couple studs in the existing holes to mark centers and drill the base off center.
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BigJon, just to clarify, how much is "a bit" off center. I know I am splitting hairs here but it does matter IMO. If possible, the scope holes can be recentered and redrilled to a larger size, say the popular 8x40. The Badger base can the drilled accordingly.

If the holes are off center to where they cannot be drilled out centered and aligned then I'd support Clark's recommendations for installing studs and retapping the receiver. If you install 4 8x40 screws then you won't have to worry about shearing the base off. Just a little Marine-Tex under the mount to bed it and torque here down.

Another route would be to obtain some gunsmith bases from Nightforce and go from there.

Some folks I can suggest for further recommendations, in no particular order:

George Gardner at GA Precision
Jeff "Celt" Hicks at HD Rifles
Ted Yost/Lew Bonitz at

Good Luck!
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Location: Montgomery, AL
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Thank you for your usual informative responses, gents. As a matter of fact, I had already been in contact with Chris at GA Precision about having the rifle examined to see if it's a good candicate for accurizing and hardening for consistency, but that was before I noticed that the base holes were off center. I think that I will go ahead and just send it on to him. If it's buildable, then I'll get him to rebuild it properly. If not, then I'll probably just have him do the best he can and keep it for a backup hunting rifle, and then get him to build what I really want - A "Rock" in .300 WSM. That'd be a fine complement to the .308 "tactical" rilfe I already have, which was built by Rusty Rossey of Autauga Rifles, and which has served me well at civilian matches for years.

Thanks again for the excellent tips. Your courtesy and willingness to impart quality information are most appreciated.

Kindest regards,

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