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New rifle project

Well I finally got off my posterior and got my my next rifle project moving today. I was toying with semi retirement of my ol and pretty 7x57, which is just about my favorite rifle to hunt with. Did some soul searching this weekend and I have been in reasearch mode for months on this launch and made up my mind, I am not replacing anything I just build another and see where it goes from there.

I settled on a 284 Win, and although I have one more phone call to check on a BAT action, I think I am going to build a Remington 700, with a Krieger barrel.

I have been all over the planet on this for months and have done a ton of reading, researching and posting. I have a laundry list of details, some are settled like changing the safety out to a three position ( main reason I had an issue with the Remy ). I am still hunting up details on this caliber and feeding issues this is what has held me back so far. I have decided that a long action, with either work on or a custom built up follower, and maybe a loss of a round in the mag should get this working right. I had heard a lot of horror stories about rail work and I didn't neccesarily believe all the stories, it didn't make sense that a belted mag case would work but the 284 needed rail work. We will see, I guess I will be finding out soon enough.

Barrel lenght in this cartridge was another issue particularly when I compared it to my 7x57. I want a short tube, and had a terrible time ( still going on actually ) deciding what barrel length. This has had it on hold for months on this one detail. Well the answer I came up with I am going to order it long (28") and figure it out later if its one inch at a time, cutting it down. I can always cut, but it hard to stretch a barrel.

You might all be wondering why I settled on the 284 Win. Two reasons really I wanted a couple hundred FPS over my 7x57 as a nice to have. And secondly I am convinced this is a super accurate round in a bolt action rifle. I am going out on a limb and throwing out it might be the most accurate 7mm cartridge. ( now that I am on the limb where's the chainsaw) But seriously across the board with different powders and different bullets this round performs. There might be some rounds that have slightly better groups on the low end, but average the groups and this is one accurate not fussy round.

Just to back up my claims I posted results from load development:

Now before any chastises me for unreal expectations, I am designing and expecting .5MOA and as long as I am under .7MOA I won't grubble. I hope I do better than that but time, money and my smith will tell.

Oh I am building a very accurate hunting rifle NOT a benchrest gun, I have visions of my next antelope hunt with this.
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I have ben on the phone over the last couple of days, and after talking with several reputal smiths I am rethinking the Rem 700 option. So I am back to the drawing board, again on this. :-?

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