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Remington 700 police or Tikka T3 Tactical

Looking for a target gun in 308 and wondering which is the best way to go. Looked at some Remington VS models as well but the Tikka looked appealing.
Also does the Tikka Tactical approach the Sako 75 varmint for quality. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I own a 700P (called the 700PSS when I got mine). They are viewed favorably when compared to most out-of-the-bax bolt guns, including the Tikka that you mentioned and the Savage 10FP. Its hard to say "X" rifle is better than "Y", as you may get a good one or a bad one from any company at any given time.

My personal experience with my 700P (and watching several of my friends with theirs) has lead me to conclude that you can pretty much guarantee that it will shoot close to or better than 1/2 MOA after you have it properly broken in. Mine started out of the box shooting sub-MOS then tightened up to shooting right at 1/2 MOA after about 75 rounds.

I've heard the same holds true for the Savage (which are supposed to be a bit more accurate straight from the box than the 700P). My local gunsmith hated working on a savage - so my choice was simple - the 700P.

If you visit most any of the sniper-related web sites, you'll see heavy discussions on this topic, with advocates on boths sides.

Good luck

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Remington also did some 700's with 5-R Milspec barrels. They were a special run, I don't know what the numbers were on production. These rifles really shoot based on my one example, I don't have over 100 rounds and I'm getting consistant .4 MOA, and I think I will trim that even more once I work over the trigger.

Don't know if any are still available but definately worth the look.
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There is not a lot of after market "things" for the savage. That is why i have the 700.

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Picked up the Remington Police and took it out to the range. Simply a tack driver. Trigger is heavier than the Tikka but no creep.One day I hope to get the Sako TRG but for the price the gun has made me happy.
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T3 Tactical

I thought I had a coyote problem in my neighborhood. I did some research and decided to put away my bow and get into varmint hunting. It became personal when my daughter's cat got out one night and ended up half-eaten on my back porch.
So with terrified children I visited my local gunsmith. He recommended the Sako Varmint, but said the Tikka was nearly as good at a much better price. I looked at the Remington and the Savage, as well as a Bushmaster Varmint special in stainless. I read several reviews and chose the Tikka T3 Tactical. I loved the features of the gun and knew I'd need it suppressed and with night vision (the Mayor of my town lives next door and we have a no gun discharges in the city law). I actually got the mayor's blessing the day I picked up my Tikka after it killed one of her puppies. So I sat on my roof at 11pm with a fully decked out T3 Tactical and had never fired a shot through it. I have a Yukon Mini-Osprey Gen 1+ night vision scope and used a chamber loaded laser bore sighter to get what the manufacturer of the bore sighter said would be a 1.5 MOA with no fine tuning.
I sat and waited and eventually the chicken livers did their magic. I popped him with the first round out of the barrel (Hornady 65gr Varmint hollow point .223) and he let out a faint yap and dropped like a stone. I shot him at 30 yards in pitch black with a T3 that had never been shot before (outside of the factory). I am impressed. The trigger pull was smooth and the shot clean. A little kick, but that could have been me.
I've ordered the muzzle break and plan on sighting it in with the new Bushnell 3200 Elite "firefly" 3x9x50 site I have for day shooting. All-in-all I am very impressed. The gun felt good and did the job wonderfully.
The final part of this story is the animal causing these "per murders" was a 21 pound grey fox. I really thought I was seeing a coyote, and once I approached his lifeless body with a spotlight, I realized this was one huge fox. I'm having him mounted. The brass plaque will read "The Coyote of Sylvania".
Get the T3. It's a great weapon. I'm sold and can't wait to break it in. It has an awesome start.
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Why not look into the Fabrique Nationale offerings as well?

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