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Lets just say I like guns and don't mind spending my money on them. I've built mine as speciality rifles. I don't mind investing in a good quality scope. I just don't see any of European glass in a magnification I like. For sure, I've seen nothing yet close to the type Leupold scope (magnification) I use that is equal or less in price. In fact, all the scopes close to my 6.5x20 Leupold were significantly higher. In fact, twice as high in some instances. My Leupolds have served me quite well in a variety of conditions and allowed me to kill quite a few groundhogs at decent ranges and several. The only holdup to the really long shots for me is not the rifles or the scopes, its me! Do I see a difference in the scopes. Yes! I would give the nod to the European scopes on clarity. What I don't see is enough difference for me to pay that higher cost. By the way, my Leupolds 3x9 and 4x12 have served me very well in early morning and late deer hunting. I've been more than satisfied with the performance of Leupold scope.

By the way, I understand more than you think. I've certainly not had a problem with target identification. I've had no problem shooting someone's pet. The clarity of my Leupold scopes allows me to see the difference.

I cannot get the type of scopes I like for long range groundhog shooting from Kahles, Schmidt Bender, Swarovski, NightForce, and Zeiss. I do not like the 50mm - 56mm objectives they have in the higher power scopes. I think Zeiss has one 5-15x42 that looks intersting but not interesting enough to pay twice the price of Leupold. They ain't that bloody good! I also like a little more power than a 15x and don't like putting my scopes so high above the bore so I can use the 50-56mm scopes.

I'm not shooting from a bench either. Take a breath and go back and read his post. Sounds to me like this guy wants a paper puncher and as bad as you consider Leupold, I think it will do just fine. If I were paper punching, I would prefer a little higher magnification scopes. Rest assured, if he were to choose Leupold of a certain magnification it would be less costly than a comparable fine European glass. Bet if he compared the two side by side he would say the European glass is better than the Leupold, but not that much better $ By the way, find me a good 6.5x20 in 40mm or 42mm in one your European glasses for the cost of a Leupold or less and I will buy it. In fact, find me a European scope close in power to my Leupold with that 40mm, 42mm and possibly a 44mm objective that is equal to or less costly and buy one.
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I've had a Bausch & Lomb Elite 3000 (now Bushnell Elite 3200) 5-15X50mm on my Rem. 40X .308 for a number of years now and it has served me well. They are still available for under $300, and the 40mm should be slightly cheaper.

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