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Cooper Varminter 6MM PPC

I am a beginning reloader, so I may have made a mistake in oredering this caliber. Any advice is appreciated. I am told by Cooper that the rifle has a .271 neck. However, when inquiring on another forum about brass to reload, I was asked is this a USA PPC or a 220 Russin necked up and blown out. I have no idea what that means. My questions are:

1. Where can I buy reloading brass, and what do I ask for?
2. Will the full length RCBS 6MM PPC dies I have ordered work?
3. Is there anything special I need to know about this caliber?

Thank you,
Clay Tompkins
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quick fix

That's ok just send it to me. Check Midway for brass and dies.
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I am not seeing it listed on the Midway or Natchez web sites. Thanks!
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong but necked up means your moving from a 22 hole in your brass to a 24 hole.

I'm assuming the 220 Russian case has more taper in the body. I shoot a 6mm Improved for groundhogs. I can shoot a standard 6mm case one time in this chamber. Once shot, the chamber created for the rifle blows out the 6mm brass to the 6mm Improved chamber. What it does for me is create a brass body with less taper, a sharper neck that helps control brass flow, and a large case that will hold more powder.

Dont know what the neck is suppose to be for a standard 6mm PPC. Some have standard necks but other have tight neck. Most of your brass is made for standard necks. In order to fit standard brass in a tight neck you will have to turned the necks(Thin down the brass with a neck cutter)
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First, there's a wealth of information at on this particular chambering given it's overwhelming popularity in BR.

Second, yes, you made it difficult for yourself with this selection but if you can work with this then anything else will be a piece of cake.

Third, I'm not terribly familiar with the rifle you selected but if they told you that it has a .271 inch neck then you now know what you need to know.

In BR the popular neck diameter of late has been .262. If you look at that site's classified section you will often times see rifles with the description 6mmPPC/[insert neck size here]. What the BR guys do is buy 220 Russian cases, often times pre-weighed at a higher price, and then neck turn to their chamber size. There are reams written about how to do this with many different opinions. I had reasonably good luck last time around by firing "forming" loads of fast powder with a wad of tissue. What that did was to blow out the case allowing me to pass it over an expanding die and then turn it to my needed diameter. If you search for Sinclair you will find a company selling many of the tools you would need to do these things.

That brings me to my final point, if you want to do all of the above that's fine, but it may not be necessary. If you try the forming load, you can find out what your dimensions appear to be. It's absolutely critical that you have at minimum 1/1000 inch to allow for sufficient room for the case to release the bullet upon firing. If not, HIGH pressure. I'm GUESSING that this rifle has been chambered to allow for use of stock 220 Russian cases necked up (Sinclair sells an excellent expanding die set) to .243. If so, all you would really have to do is buy some 220 Russian cases (Lapua, pronounced Lop-wa, are best), expand them in the Sinclair die which simply allows you to then seat a bullet with sufficient brass tension from the case, prime, charge, seat a bullet and fire away.

If you want to learn about neck turning, primer pocket uniforming, flash hole uniforming, concentricity issues, seating issues, etc., etc., then read to your heart's content at the BR website as it's excellent and any additional questions will be answered well by the regulars there.

Good luck,

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Your information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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