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Remington 40 Vs 700 Police

I know that the 700 police uses the same barrel as the VS although I've heard that they test fire and use the better shooters for the police (I've read they don't even do that and they are the same except for the bedding, stock etc.) How much superior is the 40 in respect to accuracy and barrel life. Is the extra cost worth it.
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not same

the military version is based on the long action, the police the short The barrels are same here but not the same as the varmit. the bore is measured from the bottom of one land to the top of the opposite land. Something to do with the heavier match ammunition required I believe.
With experience with both the military and the police and 2 seperate varmits, the varmits with handloads outshot the other two hands down.
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Forgot -no the extra cost is not worth it.
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I wouldn't pay the extra for a stock rifle. The 700s will do just fine for most purposes and if you want the best, repeatable accuracy over time, you'll eventually have a smith work on it anyways.
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more info

The real military has what they call an 5R rifling and are only 24 inchs long. Supposedly the rifling is "tighter" and the radial rifling comprises half the bore as opposed to standard which only comprises 1/4 the area. This means the groove is .005 deep with a land opposite every groove. since half the bore diameter is .310 of an inch and the other half .300 for bore of .305 versus .306 for standard. This is supposed to give better accuracy and longer barrel life. Also the stocks are H-S precision with pillar bedding all torqued to 65 in/lb. Trigger adustment is external. Should be a fine rifle. Problem is (at least the ones I had) wouldn't outshoot the varmits remingtons I had stock. One with a plastic stock and current one with laminate. I put an after market varmit trigger and on the latter (8 oz). and it shoots 165 H-VMax 45 gr. Varget at 2650 quarter minute angle because that is what the scope is set for (3rd generation Springfield ranging scope). With 28 grs. of Varget same bullet it shoots 2800 with no pressure signs (26 in barrel). That is a hot 30-06.

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