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Win Model 71 225cal

Help. I've recently inhereited and imported from Canada a Winchester Model 71 rifle in 225 caliber. I'm interested in getting as much info as possible about this gun. The only barrel markings are Winchester Model 71, Win 225, Olin Manufacturing, Brampton, Ont. and a serial number.

I also was able to get about 300 unused caterages and am looking for reloading info.

Any help would be appreciated.
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.225 winchester data. bullet dia. .224, maximum case length1.930", trim to length 1.920" Maximum overall length with bullet 2.500" LR primer. Lyman shell holder #5 Load. 55 gr. jacketed bullet., IMR 4064, 29.0 gr starting load to 32.0 gr maximum. From Lyman 45 edition(very old) reloading manual. 6 different bullets weight posted and 6 different powders listed, to many to put in here. The factory duplication load given is with IMR 4064 powder, 31.4gr. at 3413 fps, bullet used Remington 55gr pointed soft point number B22924, primer winchester 120 (no longer made???), winchester brass case. Fired in a win. m70, 22" bbl, 1-14 twist. YOU use this data at your own risk, always reduce maximum loads by 10% and work up. need more data, my e-mail is [email protected] Quote from Lyman> "NOTE: Velocity readings in this caliber tend to be very erratic from one gun to the next. Pressures tend to jump around quite a bit. Data taken in one gun will not necessarily be uniform with results in another gun. "
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