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Anybody want to step up with the do's & dont's. Does anyone recommend bore snakes? What makes a good cleaning kit different then a Wally world kit? Who makes a good multiple bore kit? This is one of the ones I don't think anybodys covered well.
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If you want to get fussy it won't be a kit

For the fussy first ask your barrel maker and your bullet maker.

Gale McMillan posted a good deal about cleaning when he was alive - look it up for a somewhat contrary view by a man who had a really small group posted on his office wall. Since folks with credentials I'd rate as equally good disagree about specifics including especially chemicals and JB Bore paste there may not be one perfect guide. Bill Wilson has a nice guide to maintaining the 1911. There are others.

So far as a kit is concerned I doubt you'll find one. I actually have multiple Dewey brand rods in different lengths for different rifles in similar calibers - 1 each for jag and for brush in short and long. I find convenience a real plus with aggressive copper eating chemicals.

A rod that's long enough for a long Palma barrel plus bore guide plus chemical pouring port say (e.g. from Sinclair) will be much longer than required for an M1A Socom. Such a long rod will be clumsy and messy in a short barrel and in my opinion a rod that is way too long is more likely to bow and rub wrong - maybe not maybe the longer the better for all I really know. Same thing for a .223 bolt action with a long heavy barrel and an opened up M4 clone with a 16.1" barrel.

I use Sinclair cleaning cradles, multiple Dewey rods and assorted chemicals. Mostly I'll let the barrel soak a little longer rather than scrub a little harder but this is debateable.

I carry a Boresnake in my Steyr Scout in .308 and in my Steyr pseudo-Scout in .376 - I figure it doesn't hurt to have it handy in a hunting gun and I don't know what else I'd put in the stock cavities. I have carried a Schruka to have a convenient rod that has some rigidity to it when extended but I don't like to use it except shotguns.

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