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Remington Model 700™ VLS in 223 opinions?

Anyone own recent Remington Model 700™ VLS (Varmint Laminated Stock) in 223? How accurate are these out of the box? How are triggers? Do they generally need custom work?
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I've not tried the VLS in .223, but for the most part, Rem. 700s tend to be about 3/4 MOA out of the box. Occasionally, you might even get one that can do 1/2 MOA. Triggers are acceptable, though I would tend to want it worked on or replaced altogether (personal preference). Bottom line. You'll get a good gun that can easily be improved by a good smith without throwing alot of money into the work.
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Other than replacing the trigger, I've been very pleased with my Rem 700 VLS in 223.

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700 LTR?

Anyone have experience with the 20" barrel 700 LTR? How does it compare to the VLS with the longer barrel?
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I find the LTR to shoot just as well, if not better, than the VLS in most cases. I think that the longer barrel is really unnecessary for .223.
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I have a VLS in .243 and love it. Its about 3/4 MOA accurate with factory loads and possibly more accurate than I am.... you do the math. I hit a hurkey last november with a Winchester 95 gr BT at a laser measured 490 yards in front of 6 witnesses.... if you do your part, it will surely do its part. I love my VLS
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I have a varmint model 700 synthetic stock with a factory 20 inch barrel and 1-12 twist. The whole rifle is a matte black finish. I think it was a short run made up possibly from overrun parts from a early LTR run of rifles. With my favorite reloads it will shoot 3/8 inch groups at 200yds with no other special tuning done to the rifle. The load is 27.5gr Varget and Sierra 52gr BTHP with Rem brass and Win small rifle primers. I only wish it had the 1-9 inch twist so I could use those heavy 62gr plus match loads that the military uses for the long range matches they shoot.

Here are 2 3 shot groups at 200yds.

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excellent results with my .223 VLS

very direct answers here.....

out of the box my VLS shot 3/4 MOA....during break in, while sorting through Remington and Federal factory loads to identify hunting rounds....of course, all at 100 yds, benched with bag at tail and off of a Harris bipod...

the trigger was very heavy and knew that this was a smith job....decided to go ahead and have the action glassed and a float done on the barrell all at the same the way, the trigger from the factory was set at 8.5 lbs.

trigger is now set at 2.5 lbs, or close.....

the sort job on the bullets has settled on either Federal 55 gr. Sierra Gamekings or Federal 55 gr. ballistic tip Nosler partitions.....

I am seeing .25 MOA groups of three with either of these factory products....have the Nosler set at 1" high at 100 my rifle the Sierra consistently strikes at aimpoint with the Nosler setting....

60 gr. Tropy Bear Claws float all over the much as 2.5 MOA off target at particular attention to the 1 in 12 is very precise with bullet weight acceptance....

overall, I am astounded by the accuracy of my rifle, particularly off bipod

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