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Quick detachable rings on Custom precision rifle?

I have a custom precision rifle in 308. It has 20" match barrel and is set up as a "tactical" rifle. However, I'd like to use it for both hunting and also target shooting. To me, that means two entirely different scope set ups (one maybe 3x9 and the other 5x22 or so).

Are modern quick detachable rings good enough to make this a realistic option? How well do they return to zero when swapping them? I thinking that I can mount both scopes to QD rings and change them out depending on my mood, use, or distance that I'm target shooting that day. Thoughts?
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I would like to tell you yes they are available. However, I've found problems in retention of POA POI with the best of QD Mounts. Even Smithson Mounts display slight shifts. That Talley TNT are super close to being perfect, however, there is movement especially with a heavy scope...fwiw & imho

Regards, Matt Garrett
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Hoser - just a thought but with the 20 inch barrel, you won't need such high magnification. The round is going to start wobbling around 800 yards anyways. I have the same set up and use standard Leupold 3.5X10. It does the job beyond my ability to shoot it. 22 magnification at distance requires some real control - beyond my limited abilities.
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If you intend using the rifle for hunting and tactical, then I suggest 1 scope (Tactical) and a set of Badger, TPS, Near rings and bases.

If you are going to use 2 different scopes, then set them each up with the above mentioned rings.

I have all 3 and either or, but I will tell you that the Near rings are very heavy.

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