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Button vs. Cut Rifling

So, what are the opinions here on these two types of rifling? I am putting together a new 280 Remington, and have already ordered a Krieger, but I'm still curious about specific differences in performance-or if there is any.

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The differences are internal stresses imparted to the barrel. I'd imagine that cut rifling would produce ever so slightly better results however, any good target rifle will have a polished bore and I personally cryo all of my long gun barreled actions so it really wouldn't matter. My personal favorite is cold hammer forging - but you didn't ask about that... :lol:
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O.K., I'm asking. What about cold hammer forging, or any other type of rifling and their effects on any parameter of performance.

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fwiw & imho,
The most accurate custom barrels in the world are single point cut or button rifled. Two completely different manufacturing methods that yield world class tubes if the folks running the machinery are up to speed. It has been said, by Boots Obermeyer, that "any idiot can pull a button through a barrel". That may be a bit of an oversimplification but I'd not argue with the man. He taught both Krieger and Mike Rock to cut rifle barrels. My favorite tubes are 5R Rocks, however, I have a couple 5C Broughtons because Mike was not setup for that bore size or twist rate. In short both are scary accurate... Both methods can lead to world class tubes. Hart, Broughton, Lilja, Shilen, and even Douglas make a damned good button rifle barrel. Obermeyer, Rock, Krieger, K&P make first rate single point cut rifle barrels... All in all I prefer single point cut rifle barrels, however, that is a personal preference and stating why one is clearly better than the other would border on a gratuitous assertion. You can get a stinker from even the best barrel companies. My riflesmith, George at GA Precision, has since ceased using Krieger Barrels due to the high level of rejects he has experienced in last several years. Dunno about that but George is not one for idle chatter...

That said David Miller and Darcy Echols use Krieger almost exclusively. And they are considered to be the two finest riflesmiths in the country. So again I dunno...

Happy Thanksgiving...

Regards, Matt Garrett
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may be this will help goto www.fulton-armory.com/MParts.htm#parts click on the krieger barrel theres a good explaination of the differance between the types of rifling methods.

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