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making a Shotgun barrel

I have a winchester model 12 12ga shotgun cira 1914. I found the gun burried in the mountains with the barrel sawed off to 18 inches.

The gun is nickel steel. I assume i will use 4041 for the new barrel. Is there anywere to buy blank barrel stock that is bored to the correct Id. that i can just cut the chamber and and thread for the reciver? I have a lathe and the tooling to do the work i just have no way to bore the ID of the barrel.

I cant find sandard tubing in the size i need is there a spicific shotgun barrel stock or tubing? I dont have a way to bore a 38inch peice of tubeing to the correct diameter.

Im looking for 38inch. .680 ID. To make a terkey shoot gun. I can buy the barrel but what is the fun in that! and its $380.

Or should i just buy some 4041 close in size in .125 wall and machine a choke tube to the diameter and then machine my chamber and threads?
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How is a question about making a shotgun barrel DIY even remotely related to a thread on PRECISION RIFLES? :roll:
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There were no shotgun sub forums. It was the closest i saw.
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Model 12

Bug man.....GUN PARTS has Model 12 barrels for $112.95 + S&H.....For what it is worth, for My personal use, I wouldn't pay much over $100.00 for a brand new Model 12.....My pick of pump guns is the REM Model 31. I'm not knockin' the model 12, I shoot 31s better, Won My share of the pot shootin' hand thrown live piegons with one back in the old days.

I'd search the Honky Tonks and Bars, Pawn shops and Gunshows, There is a lot of old Model 12s out there

Bill Caldwell
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Re: making a Shotgun barrel

Try Bill's Accuracy Shop for "Card Shotgun" info and equipment...

I’ve seen some other made card shotguns produce some amazing accuracy with bird shot and have incorporated some of their ideas into my turkey shotgun…

There is a couple of makers who are producing super long barrels what used to be called Long Toms and extension for shotguns whose names have slipped my mind...The claim extra velocity (a bit only) but almost no recoil or muzzle rise and lessen the sound signature...I'll have to post them later!

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