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7-08remington as sniper round?

the question is olny be cause on a limited budget and i allready have a rem. m700 7-08 med.bull barrel w/muzzel break, a factory rem stock off a sendero aluminum pillor bedded . is this a suffenncent round for police work/
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The 7MM/08 is the 308 case necked to .284......Since You've got a 7MM barrel .....If I were buildin' My personal Sniper rifle and had to use a .284 barrel, I'd use 30/06 brass with the sloulder angle blown out to 35 degrees neck shortened to .265. You could outrun the 7MM REMY MAG, But,...since most police snipein' is from 100 yds in, the 7Mm/08 will work good as most anything else if You can shoot.

Bill Caldwell
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thanks bill, i may have not been clear enough in my orginal post, sorry, the rifle is already built in 7-08, just wandering about preformance, only thing i have shoot with this rifle is paper. dime size 5shot @100,2.5"@300 i need to make time to take it out to 600,but we have a 4 month old baby boy, daddy's lil spottter.
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Nosler reloadin' manual # 3, Layne Simpson writes about the 7/08......Some use it for elk, moose. 120gr. Spitzer 3180 fps into the diamond should end the problem if it is humanoid. 160 gr Spitzer, 2800 fps will work for elk and smaller game with correctly placed bullets.

Bill Caldwell
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Does Atlanta require their police snipers to furnish their own rifles? Or even allow it?
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I don't live too far from Alanta La......Populatation a couple hunderd.....I'm guessin' Every body there is a Sniper, shootin' their own rifles

Bill Caldwell
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thanks,bill...jim answer is no!

as far as i know the APD furnishes the tactical teams using some local gunsmiths. some of the smaller counties sheriffs dept. and small town police dept. don't have the budget that APD does. I'm not an Internet spec-ops, former navyseal, marine scout-sniper, i have done some limited varmint hunting wild dogs and coyotes. my primary rifle is a savage model 110 tactical in .30-06 springfield, set in a john plaster ultimate sniper stock. when using 168grain hornady a-max i have been able to obtain 1/4moa & smaller groups at southriver gunrange. as i have the money i will seek prof.training at frontsight, thunder ranch, or some other quality school. i like the newer remington i got from a friend in 7-08 i have little field experience with this rifle and just wander about preformance and if it would be suitible substitute!
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I may be late here. The thing you want is 1/2 moa accuracy and not too much variance from your cold bore shot to subsequent shots. I'm not real familiar with the 7mm-08 in that regard. You will need to find FACTORY loads that can do that in your rifle. If you pop some clown with handloads it won't matter how righteous the shot was when the tort claims attorneys come down.
As a caliber, the 7mm-08 will do everything that you can later justify in court. As Wild Bill mentioned, it's effective on farily good sized game. It'll have enough to do a perp.
Just be sure you can take a hostage rescue shot first time, every time.
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If I remember correctly, the 7MM/08 is the ballistic equivalent of the 7X57 Mauser, which the Boers of South Africa used very effectively against the United Kingdom during the Boer wars, especially by sniping.
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Re: 7-08remington as sniper round?

As mentioned, the majority (93% FBI Stats) of LEO sniping is done within 100 yards--mostly within 80--any rifle that can make one hole groups at 100 yards and has sufficient mass and velocity will do as a sniper weapon...even the lowly .223/5.56mm NATO round (75 gr to 90 gr bullets)...

The vast majority of shots taken were through glass and of those the majority was automotive glass, mainly front windscreens, so you need a heavier bullet to start with or one that will conform to the glass and punch through and not ricochet...

You would have to keep your 3 shot group to within .350 (preferably .310) @ 100 yds. which means nothing bigger then a cloverleaf from a cold barrel...

The biggest problem that you, as well as I, are facing is finding suitable .284/7mm bullets to shoot as most of the "Custom" BR and target bullet makers produce .22, 6mm and .30 although Berger Bullets has both a 168 gr and 180 gr bullet--Match VLD or BT--that I've used and they work superbly on sheep, goats, deer and pronghorn--168gr VLD has absolutely amazing stopping power...Whether that will comply with the ROE (Rules of Engagement) established by your department and/or county and/or state is another matter altogether...

Two of my daughters have 7mm-08 as their primary hunting rifle and we've been working up loads for it as well as my 7mm Rem Mag and 7mm Rem SAUM…I’ve tried in the past bullets from GS Custom Bullets (Tied for 1st place), Hawk Precision (2nd choice) and Northwest Custom Projectile which I’ve only tried on paper and found that they’re very accurate and will be going on their first deer hunt this fall…

Get a couple three (re)loading manuals, four or five different powders and work up 10 loads of each variant and then try them out on paper until you have reached a suitable level of accuracy relative to velocity...I usually start in the middle range or just above if there are lots published and work up very gradually from there until I have a load that will produce the required (my) results...I have found that most accurate loads are in the middle to 3/4s the way up the scale and not the real hot house loads…After I’m shooting one large hole, I’ll fine tune some more to shrink the group size…We shoot BR at 1,2,3,6 & 10 hundred yards with a .22 PPC, 6mm PPC, 6.5 x 284 and .338 and I fool around with tactical rifle in 5.56mm, 6.8 SPC, 7.62mm,.338 and .408 and starting to get into a .50 BMG or variant…

Personal handloads may be forbidden, as they might (probably will) exceed the prescribed limits, but if you can get a custom reloading house to make them up to your most accurate loading--within the set limits of course--and package them then you can say you bought them that way; that has been done numerous times by other departments around the country citing better quality and cheaper prices then retail as the reason...

What are the required specs? Bullet type (FMJ or HP etc), bullet weight, velocity, energy, type of rifle (bolt or semi), barrel length, muzzle brake or silencer, trigger, scope or iron sights will all be specified and taken into consideration…They might be even brand or type specific like M4 ball or XYZ Bullet Company’s 172 gr FMJ bullet @ 3,250 fps out of a 24” barrel or they might be general like, any HP (or FMJ) bullet from 165gr to 190 gr and not exceeding 3,750 fps or lower then 3,000 fps from a bolt action with a barrel no shorter then 20” or longer then 26”…Each have their own standards and whether they follow the other departments within their state is their prerogative but you’ll probably find that if they are different it will be by very little…Might have something to do with conformity of weapons and ammo between departments…

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