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I Got Bored, So I Fire Lapped My .22


Got bored today, and having just traded for a couple bulk packs of Winchester Dynapoint, I decided to try fire lapping my Romanian Training Rifle, M69. Good bore as is, but could be better.

I started by cleaning the bore til it shined, using Remington 40-X and Remoil.

40-X is mildly abrasive, and will take any fouling out of your bore. It is important to use it sparingly, and follow the directions to the letter.

Oil must be used in conjunction with the 40-X, and I had some Remoil on hand.

After cleaning and drying the bore as specified, I dug around until I found an orphaned .22lr round and coated the bullet with abrasive.

I took it out and shot once.

When I came back in, I pushed a patch through the bore. Many bores have random constrictions, and mine had a couple. After lapping, they were gone.

I cleaned the bore again as specified.

After 20 fouling shots to get the barrel well lubed, I sighted it in, then shot for groups.

This is a 20 round group, shot prone at 50 yards. The fliers were my fault.

The fliers were caused by a trigger that's not match grade. Though I've done work to it, the setup is such that it must have pre-travel and some sear drag, though I've smoothed both out and shortened both considerably.

I only stopped at 20 rounds because it was getting monotonous. I took out a sparrow as I've been trying to let the native birds come back, and then shot a wasp off my bird feeder. The thing had build a nest inside said bird feeder and swarmed me whenever I got too close.

I'm thinking about buying a barrel de-resonator for this rifle, but I honestly doubt it would be worth it until and unless I can get the trigger much lighter and shorter than it currently is.

Josh <><
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Re: I Got Bored, So I Fire Lapped My .22

Impressive! Thanks Josh.

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