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Silly American You Mess With Romanian Perfection!

... or, "Josh's Adjustable Trigger for the Romanian M69 Training Rifle."


The other day I was swapping out my Romanian Trainer's striker spring for something a bit more 'scope friendly.

The punch slipped and the spring retainer - the thing that makes the safety click and limits its with the bolt out - launched into the stratosphere. This is not the first time it had done this, but it's the first time I was unable to find it.

I had enough of this happening, so I set out to fix it.

First I had the idea of creating a captive striker spring. I decided that, since I was doing the basic design anyway, why not add a trigger pull adjustment? This wouldn't do anything for creep, but it would let me lighten the pull without swapping springs any longer.

These are super large pics. Please click on the thumbnail.

This is the basic setup.

Note the dual striker springs. They are intertwined and are, in effect, a mainspring (small) and booster spring (large). Only the small diameter mainspring is affected by the nut on the end; the larger diameter contacts another portion of the striker head.

Once inside the bolt, the counteracting spring is no longer fully compressed and has room for adjustment.

Turning the nut in lightens the trigger pull a bit; turning it counter-clockwise makes it heavier.

The larger, booster spring insures that the spring tension is never light enough to give less than positive ignition; this is a hunting firearm and I do not want to lose game due to a misfire.

Here it is assembled.

There are three very nice features here: First, from a collector's perspective, this modification requires no modification to the rifle itself, and is 100% reversible if collector value is a concern.

Second, the springs are all captive. Even once I locate and install a new firing pin spring retainer, it will go into the captive spring setup.

Third, bolt tear down is no longer a pain. I pull the bolt from the receiver, rotate the safety to 5 o'clock (not possible while it's in the rifle, by the way), and the assembly pulls out.

Even after I locate and install a new striker spring retainer or find my old one, the modular assembly will remain, and even if a punch should slip, I'll not lose anything.

With that said, does anyone have a spare spring retainer?

I hope this helped someone.


Josh <><
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