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New bolt gun

I'm feeling the bug for a new rifle. I currently own:
Ruger 10-22, Marlin 336 in 30-30, Marlin 1894 in 44 mag. Bushmaster V-match in 223.
I have left my Remington 700 BDL (30-06) with my cousin as I quit deer hunting some years back.
He needs it for grocery shopping and I hunted their land for so many years, it just seemed right to leave it in his good hands. My new desire is for a wooden stock bolt rifle for target shooting and possible deer hunting should the urge return. In my old age Iím looking for a rifle/caliber I can shoot more than 30 rounds out of before calling it quits. I would like it to be capable of taking deer size game out to 200 yards and good target shooting accuracy out to 300. Calibers that come to mind are the 270 Winchester and 260 Remington. Thoughts and recommendations are welcome.
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Your choices in rifles are almost unlimited.

Among good candidates are Remington, Ruger, Savage, and I think Howa makes a wood stock.

Remington has traditionally been at the top of the heap for quality and accuracy, but Ruger and Savage make very nice guns, and I've never talked to a dissatisfied Howa owner.
Savage seems to be gaining a good rep for better accuracy than in past days.

Caliber-wise, the 270 has been around a lot longer, and is more common to find in gun shops.
There's probably a wider selection of 270 ammo, and more loading data.
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hey i usually shoot a 30-06 in a savage, when i worked in a pawnshop here i had an oprotunity to get a winchester model70 carbine in 270 win. it has a burris 3x9x32 and the most beautiful walnut stock i had ever seen.i traded an worn out colt commander for it. i was very supprised at the differance in recoil. very nice. for added recoil reduction you could get it mag ported but that make them louder. i've been looking at getting something different than the savage tactical , i like old surplus military guns lately . maybe an m1 from the CMP.
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If You can shoot it is a good chance the Salvage will shoot smaller groups than the Model 70.....I've got several here that after doin' a trigger job will hang with any Remmy Factory sporter....I like there barrel set up ....I've got one that started out a 7MM Maggie...Extra barrel and it's also a 300 winney Mag , another barrel an its a 338 maggie....Salvage is the easiest trigger to get a decent pull that there is, notice I said decent, not great....Wood stocks are BUTT ugly,,,Syn. are soft and weak....Salvage is a little more trouble to pillar bed than a 700 , but no real problem

Wild Bill

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