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I have a savage 110 tactical in .30-06 spfd. pre accu-trigger, bought it in 1996. It's a tack driver, i bought a john plaster ultimate sniper stock for it, which is a great stock,but i would like to find a pillar bedded stock like the newer factory ones w/ v-blocks. the choate stock to me is heavy and bulky, i like the feel of my hogue over molded on my 10/22. i have a small almost non existent budget, if you have any idea of where i could trade the choate for a factory stock or something more traditional. PLEASE help.

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Brownells sells some for the Salvage they claim are pillar bedded and has an ALm.Skeleton runnin from the trigger group to the front sling swivel....Ive never used a John Plaster stock, didn't know He was buildin' stocks.....Synthetic stocks I have used are McMillion and H-S....Ive pillar bedded several of the Salvage with the cheap factory stocks , then added tubein' ,Alm. square Tubein' , bar stock , lot of work to make a Salvage Syn stock less flexable

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sorry, choate makes the ultimate sniper stock designed by john plaster. i think after playing with it a little more i'll keep it. Gabe Suarez said once if your rifles to heavy, do more push-ups. i would love to have a mcmillion A3 like on the M40-A3, or a take down from h-s precision. may one day my finances will recover enough, for now all i can afford is to window shop.

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