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choosing primers

I have a .45 Bounty Hunter. It has the firing pin in the frame rather than in the hammer. The firing pin only protrudes maybe 1/16", maybe less. I have used "Cowboy .22 Conversion" adapters (that allow to shoot .22 in a .45 revolver,) without any trouble, but when I use my hand-loaded .45 LC I get more misfires than normal shots. It seems I need to use very soft primers that will go off with a very short firing pin blow. Any suggestions?
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Does is misfire with factory ammo?

If not, make sure to clean the prime pockets each time and make sure the primers are fully seated to full depth.
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Could be several things. as dfariswheel says, how does factory ammo work?
Are you getting normal deep firing pin cavities on the primers that don't fire? Do they fire after the second or third try?
Did you install a weaker main spring to get a lighter trigger pull?
What is the gap between the case heads and the breech?
Federal is considered the softest, but I have never had a problem.

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