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Iver Johnson Trailsman 66

A friend just gave me an Iver Johnson Trailsman 66 .22, breaktop revolver. It looked as if it hadn't been cleaned since he bought it 30 years ago. It seems to lock up nicely and should function fine. The gun has a small lever inside the trigger guard, behind the trigger. What does that lever do? Is there anything unusual about this gun that I should know?
Thanks for any help on this,
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I think you are referring to the hammer safety tail. The Iver Johnsons had the "hammer the hammer" safety since WW1 or so and they were quite advanced. I like many models of IJs and the 'trailsman 66' is one of them . Clean it and use it , you might consider not using 'stinger' class ammo in the old girl regularly.These guns ARE hard to fix so avoid dry firing. This is a good 'kit gun' for camping and fishing.
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Thanks Gordon,
Guns are a world unto themselves. You nailed it. This is a transfer bar safety system. I did a quick search and dug up a story about the "hammer the hammer" concept. Thank you for introducing me to it.


The gun is cleaning nicely. Some lost bluing but the chambers and barrel look fine. I can easily find a place for it. Can anyone own too many pistols?
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I thought the lever you refer to was actually the sear. It is on an H&R but might be different on an IJ. If you cock the hammer and depress the lever with out touching the trigger the hammer falls. Maybe the same, but I dont know much about I J revolvers.
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I'm glad to see Royce Williams has joined the site. I e-mailed Royce with my question about the small lever and he got back to me almost immediately. There is a great schematic of the "safety bar" system on Royce's page. http://www.3c-enterprises.atfreeweb.com/gsindex.htm

I thought that I would save him the trouble of posting himself and just quote his reply.

"The answer that it is the Sear is correct.
The inside end of the "little lever" engages the hammer
notch and holds it back until the trigger moves the
end that you can see rearward, releasing the hammer.
If you check the cutaway that you mentioned on our site,
you can make out the same sear arrangement on the Iver
Johnson Top Break DA that is shown there. Iver used this
type of sear setup on many of their pistols. It's used
on many other pistols by other manufactures also. Check some
of the H&R .22's and you will see a similar type of sear
setup behind the trigger."

Thanks to all,

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