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Taurus Raging Bull's built-in compensator

I have a Taurus Raging Bull in .454 Casull. One thing I notice was the 8 small holes they put on either side of the front sight were very small. The discharge holes on the compensator on my 1911 pistol were way bigger than those on the Rgaing Bull's. My understanding of the effectiveness of a compensator is its ability to redirect as much of the expanding gas away from the axis of the bore as possible. Ideally at right angle to the bore. The key is as much as possible. With those 8 small holes on the Raging Bull most of the expanding gas was coming straight through the muzzle and therefore I don't believe the Taurus design was effective at all. I am thinking about cutting out the entire area where the 8 small holes are to create two much larger exit ports to increase the compensator effectiveness. But as always, I would like to hear from some of you who has more knowledge working with compensator. Is there an ill effect of cutting the entire recessed area out to create two large ports? I know the large ports will help reduce muzzle flip a great deal but perhaps too much that they might push the muzzle down so quickly that cause the bullet to hit the top part of exit hole. Appreciate any commend. Alex
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my raging bull 454 is one of my most accurate wheelguns right out of the box,I would shoot yours for a while before modifying it.
mine redirects the muzzle flash pretty nicely,opening the ports would probably make the blast much worse.
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Port Size

I think the ports in terms of size are a function of cartridge pressure of which the .454 has plenty compared to a .45 ACP which is relatively low compared to magnums and such. Also, there is probably a point of diminishing returns past where there is little gain when increasing size.
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It all has to do with managing pressure,,,,,,,

I'm certainly no expert,,,there are guys here that know a hell of a lot more than me,,,I hope the chime in.

The gun wants to recoil back and up while you want to use some of the gases pressure to push forward and down.

Keep in mind in a semi-auto is a different animal, you've got reciprocating mass/moving parts/friction/etc that uses some of the fired shot's energy to move the slide,,,unlock the barrel,,,,etc, so you don't want to use so much of the gases pressure to cause problems with the pistol cycling. If you notice a lot of open guns use much lighter springs since so much energy has been used to help keep the muzzle down. Truth is no matter what kind of comp you have, you still have to have enough energy to cycle the pistol.

Revo,,,you don't have to worry about interfering with the pistol cycling,,,,I wouldn't open up the ports,,,pressure at its intended level in a cartridge is your friend in a comped/ported gun,,,,I'm sure the engineers have thought about and experimented with the ports....

Easy experiment,,,,open you mouth wide,,,,,blow as hard as you can.

Next, pucker up like you're going to whistle and blow as hard as you can......feel the difference with your hand,,,,,,pressure,,,,,you're controlling pressure.

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H4444, I can understand your explanation on pressure. But again I don't think I completely understood. I have an EGW 8-port compensator on my 1911 .45ACP pistol. Two large ports just in front of the muzzle venting upward, and six smaller ports; three on either sides vertically after the first two large upward ports. The .45 ACP cycles just fine with soft target load (14 lb spring) and hard round ball load (18 lb spring) just fine. There is almost no upward muzzle flip and just a little backward push in term of recoil. My Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull kicks like hell even with the eight tiny holes on the built-in compensator. So in term of pressure escaping from the compensator I would think the 8-port comp. on the 1911 doing a much better job than the 8 little holes on the Raging Bull. I am sure the engineers at Taurus must have experimented with different design before they settled on this one. But is this design the most efficent way to count act recoil?
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I'm new but maybe I can add something useful.

I have been reading a little about porting and its effects. As I understand it, 90% of max. muzzle velocity is achieved in the first 2 inches of barrel, so adding larger or more ports will effectively reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil without really affecting muzzle velocity when using 2 inch or longer effective sealed barrel lengths. That is why Hybra-Porting a .45 almost half the 4 or 5 inches of the barrel doesn't really have an adverse effect on velocity, but has a great deal of effect on felt recoil and muzzle climb. If I am understanding this info. correctly, then it would seem to me that if you mill out the full slot or just add more porting further down the length of the barrel it wouldn't have any adverse effect other than increasing noise signature.


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