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RW hammerless?

Hello all. I am wanting to know the identity of a pistol. It is dimunitive in size, and appears to be .32 cal. It has a five shot cylinder, with oval flutes. The rear of the grip frame has what appears to be a safety that looks like a hammer. There is no external hammer however, and this safety rides down in the frame and must be engaged before the cylinder will turn. It has an app. 1-1.5" barrel. The trigger is a drop down type. The grips are of wood, and are configured in a bird head fashion. There is only a single post sight on the barrel. The barrel is round, with the topstrap being flat. The frame is held with three screws that have flowers engraved around them. The screws are also engraved. On the right side of the frame there is a crown proof stamped above capitol R W. The stamped items run vertical just in front of the cylinder on the frame. There is a star in between the R and W. The cylinder has a W and a crown proof stamped on the rear of it. The cylinder does not swing out and loads on the right side of the frame. On the left side of the frame, just in front of the cylinder, it is marked capitol MJ+ , with RTE just below. RTE is in capitol letters also, but they are smaller. At the bottom of the frame on the left side, the pistol is stamped 14. The cylinder and frame are blue. The trigger and frame safety are nickled. There is also a nickled locking peace on the front of the frame which appears to hold the cylinder in. It also appears that at one time there was a detachable ejector rod stowed within this lock work, but it is missing. The trigger also has "early jeweling" work done to it. The only history that I know of this little pistol is that is a WWII bring back. I am not sure what area. The frame safety has a "commander" type spur at the bottom that allows the web of the thumb to rock it to be disengaged. Any help identifying this little pistol is most greatly appreciated. -J
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