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. 44's any good? (Taurus)

Are there any people out there who have experience with these in the four inch trim? accuracy info and strengh info would be appreciated.
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Don't have any 4 inch 44 Magnums, 6 inches is short enough for me, at least for now, until a decently priced S&W 29 comes along, but I digress. When I was in the market for a 44 magnum, I looked at the Taurus 44, S&W 29/629, and Ruger Redhawk and Super Redhawk. The Taurus 44 I saw and handled did not inspire me. It felt good in my hands, but the cylinder seemed to have a fair amount of end shake and rotational play at full lock up. I ended up buying a Super Redhawk for heavy 44 loads and a 29 for lighter loads. It is one of the few decisions I have not regretted.
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Taurus' quality control has been VERY much hit-and-miss lately, I wouldn't buy anything I couldn't thoroughly inspect first. Having said that, I had a 3" 44 Spl I loved dearly, and my better half enjoyed shooting it as well. I bought the one with the adjustable sights, which was my only mistake, it was fine for concealed carry, except for that. I'll eventually have another, hopefully something in stainless.

I don't have any experience with their magnums, I know they sell a ton of Raging Bulls, and their Model 44 got good reviews, but I'm kinda skeptical about any review I read anymore. Most of these gunwriters never met a gun they didn't fawn over, even if it was junk. I've pretty much decided when it comes to 44's, a strong gun (magnum) is preferable to a weak one, but the loads don't need to be thunderers to be effective. I like to shoot a lot, and a warm 44 Special beats a hot Magnum any day! Were I to plan on shooting a ton of magnums, I'd get a Ruger Redhawk and never look back, but that's just me. :wink:

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Even though it was thought to be a reloading error (no one knew for sure), I witnessed one of the first Taurus M44 blow spliting the cylinder and sending chunks of steel flying years ago.
The Raging Bulls have been reported to be much stronger than the older M44.
Old 05-25-2004, 03:24 PM   #5
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Thanks for the input guys. I guess it will be a Ruger or Smith then. I thought their Quality control was better than that. Writers never seem to say anything bad about anything, must not want to get the advertizers mad huh? Thats why i like this forum, real people with no agenda, looking out for each other. Thanks again.
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Taurus Mod 44

I have a Mod 44SS4" I really like it so far. Put around 150 rounds through it sofar. I was thinking about getting a S&W 629, then I'd want to port the barrel on a 4" model. But after studying the Taurus Mod 44, checking lots of opinions and checking out several reveiws, I bought the Taurus. Glad I did, it's already ported, and heavy enough that the recoil is not bad at all. I can shoot it one handed rapid double action and keep them in the vitals. With 44 spcls in it, it is a pussy cat. Less recoil than my non ported 686 shooting 38spcls. Taurus is making nice things now.
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I have several Taurus revolvers. I like all of them. They are trouble free. My favorite is my Taurus 431 in 44 Special. It is the true keeper. Wouldn't part with it for anything. I am also very fond of my Taurus 669. It is a 4in 357. I did have oner of their PT-22's. Now that was just a piece of junk from the word go. I sent it back twice. It was a jammer, not a shooter. But in revolvers, I am pleased.
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I had a M44 6 inch. Gave it away because I felt guilty about getting any money for it. Lockup was very loose and shot 4" groups from 25 yards, My Anaconda will do under an inch if I do my part with open sights.

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