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Taurus crane retention problem

I was coaching the line yesterday for a beginner's class, and a Taurus 5-shot 38spl. (like a mo. 60 S&W), failed to close on a reload, and when the gun was handed to me, I saw the crane had moved forward. The sideplate screw whose job it is to keep it in place could be turned by fingernail.

I took this gun apart after the training session, and the creane screw was no longer than the others. S&W's always had an elongated tip beyond the threads for that position.

Was this gun just missing the proper screw or is that all-same screw set normal?

BTW, it was not visibly out of the fully tight depth, only about 1 or 1.5 turns to release the crane.

This one is going back for a tolerance check, one of the instructor's suggestion, but it could be an issue to those that carry these for protection.
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Never Mind! Just found some VERY excellent factorydrawings

There were pieces missing from the gun. Possibly in its history someone got the side plate off and didn't see those little yoke retainer pieces falling away...

Taurus has an incredible warranty, now this web data. Gotta love those guy!

Many years ago, I considered them a few steps down the ladder from S&W models they mirrored. Not any more.

My biggest gripe then was slow timing, (nothing foreign to S&W, BTW), and rough maching & rifling, - I used to shoot my own cast bullets back then.

They have come a long way, I must credit them.

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I had a 3" M85 once and if I remember correctly the front sideplate screw should be hollow with a spring and plunger that fits inside that locks the crane in place.
Sounds like the spring and/or the plunger is missing. The screw will still bottom out as the spring supplies the pressure to the plunger to ride in the recess milled in the rod on the crane.

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