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Tauris 650 LOCKED UP!!!

I had my 650 at the range the other day testing a couple of new round and a new set of Hogues for it, I put a couple of cylinders of Winchester 110gr through with no issue and the tried the the Remington full bore 125 gr. again no problem(not real fun though either) then I tried Cor-Bon 110gr and the first round discharged then locked up the cylinder. I had to beat the cylinder open when I got home. I looked at it there is no external signs of damage and the fired casing doesn't look any different from any of the other I fired. What happened? I was carrying this but now I am rather leary to, has anyone had a issue like this?
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Hard to say, it could have been unburned powder granules under the extractor, could be the ejector rod started to unscrew. If the barrel-cylinder gap is really tight, fouling or even the expansion of metal that occurs when the gun gets hot can tie up the gun. Did the CorBon round eject easily or was the ejection a little sticky? CorBon ammo has developed a reputation for inconsistancy.
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The gap is fairly tight and the casing extracted with no issue. Like I said the Winchesters 125gr and 110gr performed with no issues. The Cor-Bon seemed alot "hotter" both out of the 650 and my S&W 66. I like the Cor-Bon because they don't have the exposed lead to deform in my pocket.

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Another thing to check is the side plate screw that holds the cylinder yoke in the frame. This located on the right hand side of the revolver and is just above the trigger guard. If this screw backs out, the yoke and cylinder can move forward and tie up the gun.
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Taurus revolvers are known to lock up. I work as a security officer, and we used to be issued model 82's. They locked up all the time. We now have S&W model 66's. Tauruses are junk. You shouldn't have to send a new firearm back to the factory to fix it.
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I agree that Taurus revolvers are junk, I would never carry one for self defense, I've seen to many problems with them through the years. We won't allow our officers to carry them for either duty or backup guns.


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