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Charter Arms

Looking for a smith willing to do some simple action work on 3 charters that I own. Anyone have ref for non snob smith ? What I mean is someone who won't turn their nose up at working on a lowly c/a revolver ?
Seems all the "name" smiths or "reputable" gun houses can't see the way clear to work on anything other than colt/s&w. Don't even want to waste time discussing my Taurus. Now if I want to spend a few hundred $ everybody will work on my 92D or my 1917. I am just looking for a little help w/my pocket guns.
Anyone ?
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Check . There was a Bulldog .44 Special that cited the smith that did the work. Possibly " Actions by T "? Anyway, it looked great, but not $700 ( if I remember correctly...) great.
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Re: Charter Arms

What is it you are trying to have done? I have worked on Charter Arms and actually like them for what they are and own three of them. BUT! I LEAVE THEM ALONE AND UNALTERED! If you are wanting to have an "action job" done on one, this will get you the rejection you are seeing. A Charter Arms works fine if you leave it where the factory put it and not mess with it. If you try to lighten the action thinking you can turn the action into a poor man's S&W, you will not be happy. If you get it light, you will get misfires.

In addition, they are not easy to work on. The trigger is a bear to put back in, and the whole thing is held together with pins that have splines on one end to hold them into the frame. To take them apart repeatedly as is required for most tuning work creates worn out holes in the frame from the pins going in and out. Add this to the fact that for the cost of most custom work, (and it is not any cheaper to work on a Charter than on a S&W or Colt timewise) you would not like the price. You take a 300 dollar gun to a smith and he quotes you 300 dollars for the custom work, and you are not happy and go away thinking he is a thief. You tell your friends and so on, and he does not need the grief. So he turns you away.

For a comparison, take one of the 45 dollar DVD players to the repair shop to get it fixed. The repairman will tell you to go buy another one, as his time is worth more than the DVD player to just look at it, and it is not built to be rebuilt. Charter and Taurus are kind of like that. Shoot them and use them as they are and be happy. OR, buy a gun that is more suitable for modification and pay the price.

Just my two cents.


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