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NGIB 05-18-2011 05:30 AM

Ruger SP101, grip test
One of the nifty things about buying or trading for used guns is that many times you get extra stuff with them. Between the 2 SP101s I acquired, I have 5 different sets of grips so I decided to run a little test. What I did was to put each set on the 3" SP101 and then shoot 10 rounds of .357 ammo. Then I swapped the grips for the next set and repeated until I'd fired the gun with each set of grips mounted. For ammo, I used a box of Blazer aluminum 158gr JHPs. These are loaded fairly mild - more than .38 +P but less than full-house .357 loads. This is my normal defensive ammo and is quite shootable even in a snubby. The picture below shows my SP101s with the grips that I tested. Along the bottom row from L-R are:

Trausch. Ugly ivory color, made of a softish polymer. Fills the hand very well and they have extra "padding" at the top of the backstrap. These are the largest of the grips. Did I say ugly?

Hogue cocobolo wood. Typical Hogue's, either the finger grooves fit you or they don't (me they fit so-so). Fills the hand well, but not as good as the ugly ones.

Ruger factory. They look small but you can get a 3 finger grip on them. I've fired the test ammo through my 2" SP101 while it was wearing these and it was not too bad.

On the 3" gun are Hogue rubber. The comments from the Hogue wood apply here as well. Very tacky rubber feel to them.

On the 2" gun are Badger boot grips. Easily the best looking of all of them. Two items of note with these: They are 2 finger grips as they are short and the grip angle on these is considerably different than the other 4 sets. The muzzle naturally points higher with these. Did I say pretty?

The results were about what I expected: the most comfortable was the Trausch, followed by the Hogue rubber, Ruger factory, Hogue wood, and Badger boot. The 3” SP101 is my nightstand gun and it wears the Trausch grips. The 2” SP101 is one of my carry guns and it wears the Ruger factory grips…


Sarge405 05-20-2011 08:11 AM

Thanks for the write-up.
I have SPs as house guns for the wife too. I happen to like them. We both find the Ruger factory grips the best for taming recoil.They fit my hands the best also.

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