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I still ahve my Bulldog from the early 70's when they come out, still shoots as good as did when new, maybe not a smith but still is a good shooter. I also have a taurus 44 special with adj. sights which is also a good shooter, trigger is pretty darn smooth on it bought it when they first came out also. I dont know maybe i was lucky but the older ones seem to still be pumping the rounds out.
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Have a Taurus 431 that i have used as a trainer gun for larger calibers, std. Pressure. Seems to be very good quality, but do prefer my S&W 696.
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I did research on CA online and off. What I found was that CA Bulldog was not a bad gun...not a S&W but not as pricey either. So I bought a Bulldog as I love the size and caliber. I have a Taurus 431 44spl and it is beautiful to shoot...feels like it had an action job done but it didn't. The CA is smaller so I went ahead and bought one...very nice! I fired a number of rounds through it and then shot some Hornady SD ammo through it. At 17yds I go a 3" group with 3 shots touching making a clover leaf! It does not have the looks of more expensive guns but it works great so far. It has nice hand filling grips,just the size I like and can be easily concealed. I have owned 5 Taurii and 1 fell apart at first range session, but the others are excellent shooters...again not the finish of a Smith but my old Taurus 86 out shoots my S&W model 14...both very similiar 38's. I plan on getting the CA 40 S&W and 45acp if they come out with it.
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Welcome to the forum, pziehr. ONLY one of five falling apart for a Taurus is much better than my experience with that junk.......
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Originally Posted by darcy whone View Post
Well the "Pit Bull" is strickly 40 cal but the same frame is used for the 44 spcl. ALL our parts are from a 50 mile radius of Shelton CT. 100 percent American made!!! We have a target "bulldog" with adj. sights. Check out our new catalog Welcome to Charter Arms
as i said as of sept. we've only been useing our new parts. World of difference.My wife has been carrying a 38 undercover for 18 years with no problems.try out our new 40,I'd rather let the weapon speak for itself.
Darcy Whone
Well, I took your word for it and purchased a Pathfinder .22 magnum snubbie about four months ago. The little packet that came with it had a spent casing and someone from the factory marked .22 lr on the envelope. Had to send it back twice. Whoever assembled this hunk of dung must of had one eye and missing fingers on both hands. Hard to get the cylinder open because the rod rubbed so badly on the shroud. The barrel was canted horribly to one side. The cylinder release button was wobbly. This is just for starters. I got it back and someone had filed the barrel cone at a 45 degree angle. The barrel was canted off to the other side. It was sent back and returned. It now sits in it's box as I am leery to even fire the damn thing. It's still a great heap of dung. I'll never get my money out of it and to tell the truth I'd feel guilty selling this crud to my worst enemy. I think Charter Arms need some real help. Wish they would take this junk back and send me one of the "wonder guns" you say you all manufacturer. I have not seen it yet. Blew $320.00 that I'll never get back. I work too dang hard for my money to ever spend it on Charter Arms again... If you see Mr. Ecker please tell him I still have is email calling me a child for having the stones to question your quality. I don't have to question the quality of your products anymore. I'm currently living the horror. Thanks again for the "quality American made craftsmanship" you fellas tout. I'm sure I'll be taking you up on your lifetime warrenty more than I'd like to.......
Old 07-17-2012, 07:07 PM   #26
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Welcome to the forum, Michael48. Sorry to hear of your very sad experience. I have given up experimenting with any DA revolvers not made by S&W or Colt. My experiences have always been unpleasant......
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I bought one in .22wmr recently sight unseen, because it had to be ordered. Right around $340 IIRC. Am I happy with it, no. Does it go bang, yea if you can pull the trigger, I had to clean up the chambers because they were so rough I had a devil of a time ejecting the casings the first time I fired it. I thought it might be a good rig for my wife. It works, but that's all. Part of the frame is polymer too which surprised me.

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