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Alabaster 08-09-2011 11:57 AM

I think I want a 5Hundo
I read this funny ad from High Noon Holsters:Bullet Key Chains

I swear after reading that, I think I need a 500S&W. I always get a kick out of, and make fun of, guys who have the "Mine's bigger than yours" mentality. However, I think I was just bitten by the bug.

I once had a Raging Bull in 44mag, and I swear I really did love that gun. It was a 6in barrel, blued. The combo of porting and the awesome grips(That had been made to handle the 454Casull, mind you) made it an absolute joy to shoot with even the hottest loads. I've never been recoil sensitive, but again, this thing had been made to handle the 454, so running 44mag out of one was almost comedic. Only one guy ever shot it and complained. He was literally 5-5 and maybe 150lbs. He was more like a boy than a man by all measures except his age. He almost had a heart attack when he let a 280gr partition gold go with no ears on.:o My friend JB and I laughed for a good 20 minutes about that! Same guy on the same range trip got knocked on his can shooting a 30-06 from a squatted position! Oh the hilarity!:D

Anyways, I saw this 500 in a movie with 50cent and val kilmer where 50 made some comments about having to hit a guy 9 times with a 9, but that 500 would knock him clean off his feet. I know it's a gaffe, but I'm falling for it. Plenty of us fell for the Dirty Harry deal, and the Harley Davidson & THe Marlboro Man flick drove more than a couple Freedom Arms sales, I'm sure.:cool:

So between the movie, the highnoon ad, my old ragin bull, and the guy at a local gunshop laughin tellin me how many of 'em he's sold that have come back on consignment(Especially the shorter barrelled versions), I think I'm gonna save my pennies for one. What a kewl carry gun....

Everybody needs a Desert or something like that to brag on. I prefer this wheelgun over the semiauto DE anyday. Am I alone in this sick, masochistic desire, or are there other guys that know how ridiculous it is but still want something like that? I can't imagine a 500 snubbie barkin' and how loud and muzzle-flashy it would be... Damn, makes me think of 4th of July or something.

one eye joe 08-09-2011 12:11 PM

Well Alabaster, our main man Jerry Miculk has no problem handlin' it......‪50 CAL SPEED SHOOTING! .500 SMITH & WESSON!‬‏ - YouTube

Alabaster 08-09-2011 01:25 PM


That has to be seriously downloaded, right? He's blastin that thang like a toy! I'd think even Jerry would have his hands full with that puppy. Still kewl, though....

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