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Originally Posted by Brian D. View Post
Ouch Joe, that stings me just a little bit. Got a satin nickel J-frame Airweight .38 special (S&W Model 37) that was just sitting in the safe rarely getting any holster or trigger time. Decided it would be way more handy if it shot 9mm out of moonclips rather than .38 specials using speedloaders for totin' extra ammo. Had my friendly local 'smith (and ex local PD armorer) get me a 9mm cylinder from Smith, for the Model 940 they used to make. Had to do a little fittin' up and I guess one could bitch about the snubby barrel being .001-.002" too big to stabilze 9mm bullets, but the thing shoots just as good with the 9mm as it ever did in .38 special.

I now call it a "Model 937" and it's NOT for sale, especially to YOU Joe, ya 9mm hater!

Supposedly S&W has made a few all steel J-frames for the .356 TSW and even .38 super rounds--Wild Bill I can hear you from way up here in the North, dunno if the ones in Super would hold up to your 9x23 hotrod ammo!

For me the point is the J-frame is an easy gun to tote even when you're taking out those too-full bags of trash to the curb. Just like mine being a little more user friendly is all.

For sure I'd take my Model 937 over anything Charter has come up with so far.
LMFAO, you correctly ID'd me as a 9 mm hater. I respect anyone's choice of a weapon FOR THEM. This is America--their choice, their life. Protect it as they see fit. NOT my problem. I'd take your 937 over a CA, Taurus, or Rossi also. Plenty of people shoot nines, BUT it seems that they are rabid fans of a weapon that just happens to be chambered in that caliber (like the BHP), OR just looking for a cheap centerfire round to shoot. In over 50 yrs of shooting, I have NEVER heard someone proclaim that they are shooting 9mm because it's the BEST round for target shooting, hunting, self defense, home defense, etc. If you have made the choice to carry a 9mm (or forced to as an LEO due to dept policy) it makes perfect sense to carry a 9mm BUG. If a 9mm fan and a .45ACP fan like you and I can get along, WHY can't there be peace in the Middle East ? ?
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Hell Joe I make my own choices in the totin' gun realm. Split my time between .45acp 1911s and Browning Hi Powers in 9mm or .40 S&W. Unless I'm in big critter country, then it's a 10mm Glock. Like I say the J-frame revolver is a BUG-- or primary if I'm going no farther than the front curb.

Except for the 10mm stoked with bear medicine (maybe!) I consider all of the above to be less-than-likely to put an assailant down quick like the Hammer of Thor. Shot placement and the RDL Factor* will win or lose the day.

RDL = Randon Dumb Luck, which bullets sometimes seem to display performance-wise after even the best shot placement.
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I hope this is a start of a new trend or ideas to get semi auto bullets into revolvers.
It is a great idea Charter has here. I don't own any Charter weapons however. It may be a break-through in revolvers.

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