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Maybe y'all can help me.

Hello folks. this is my first post on this site. I need some help with a revolver. I just got a older taurus model 82 to keep in the house for my wife because i work night shift. I called taurus and it is not in thier data base so it is not covered on the warranty. Any way whaen i did the check out it passed with flying colors. however when i shoot it it skips chambers. I took the side plate off and found that there is a spring that is mounted on to the side plate that i assume pushes the hand out to stop the cylinder. this spring doesnt appear to have a lot of tension on it causing the hand to come out late. The gun locks up nice and tight and has rotation during full lock up.
Can anyone tell me what this spring is called, can a gun smith get the part, and about how much it would be to fix it. Thanks in advance.
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Here's a schematic and parts for the Taurus Model 82.

Numrich Gun Parts Corp. - The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Parts and Accessories

Most any competent gunsmith should be able to repair it.

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