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X-Ray Frames

So this week I had two Taurus revolvers come in that were in a fire. I plan on replacing all of the springs, complete refinish, etc. I'm looking for recommendations on where I can send them to get them x-rayed to make sure they are safe before I put all of the time and work into them. They are sentimental to the owner so buying new pistols is not the option the owner wants to go with. I'm in southern Louisiana.

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The general rule is, if the springs have lost temper, the gun is trashed and is not safe to shoot.

I don't know who could actually test them, but the cost would be far more then the guns possible value.
In any case, I rather doubt any formal tester would be willing to sign these off as safe to fire no matter the test results, so you're back to square one.

Bottom line, when the springs are compromised, so is the heat treating and the gun is no longer safe, nor can it be made safe again.

When I got these things in, I took some effort explain to the customer WHY the gun was no longer safe and why it couldn't be made safe.
Then I hung a red tag on the gun with large letters saying "UNSAFE TO FIRE".
To protect myself, I wrote these facts on the receipt and made the owner sign it before I'd give the gun back.

Some years ago I had a colleague who failed to get the signature.
As expected the fool owner fired it and injured himself and a bystander at the range.
As expected the fool denied the gunsmith had told him it was unsafe and both he and the other injured person sued the gunsmith.

My advice: DO NOT go any further with these. GET THE SIGNATURE, and look to your insurance policy.

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