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Louisiana Gunny 03-02-2015 06:54 AM

H&r 649
I was brought a 649 in pieces. The original gunsmith had an aneurism and is no longer able to work on guns. When I put it back together, the first time I cock the hammer, the cylinder rotates. After that initial time, everything moves except the cylinder. When I took it back apart, it seemed to me that the other smith may have trimmed the lever spring too much. I put a new one from Numerichs in and am slowly trimming it. However, before I cut it too short, I wanted to pimp you for advice. The lever spring and lever easily fall back and out of the hole when I put my thumb over it while the cylinder is out of the pistol during cocking. The schematic is quite busy, but I don't think anything is missing. Any thoughts?

Wolfgang 08-19-2015 12:49 PM

I would like some information on fitting the lever as well. I am having the same problem with a H&R 900 .22 revolver as well.

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