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Primer actuated autorevolver?

Would it be possible to manufacture an auto revolver that uses the cartridge primer to cock the hammer/striker?. Its that i have looked at the Primer Actuated Blowback that was used on one of the M1 Garand prototypes which was a highly effective delayed blowback operation until the adaption of the then new progressive burning powder used in the .30 06 round. This operation was also used in the first Tokarev SVT-40 prototype. I thought this may be a way to make an autorevolver (IE: Webley Fosbery, Mateba etc) that would perform well.

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It really doesn't have anything of substance to offer.
There are manually operated revolvers and semi-auto self-loading pistols.
A self operating revolver would be an interesting device but it would be a disaster in the market place.

It's neither a true revolver nor an automatic. You'd have no real advantage over either type of action, and would have the major disadvantage of a revolver that can't be loaded as fast as an automatic.
Plus the complexity compared to a Browning tilting barrel automatic, or the reliable manual operation of a revolver would be pretty instant death in the market place.

Nice try but it has nothing to offer to the market.
Keep trying though.

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It's already been done, sort of. Webley Fosberry semi automatic revolver from about 1900. Abandoned because the mechanism was cumbersome and subject to breakage.
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There have already been semi-auto revolvers. Here's one of the more recent ones:

Since there have been 7 and 8 shot .357 mag revolvers, I could see a semi-auto 8-shot revolver as possibly having some desirability in areas with gun laws that limit your magazine capacity. The main advantage of a revolver as far as I'm concerned is that it means that I'm a lot less likely to be losing my brass.

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