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CDRGlock 07-19-2017 07:11 AM

What holster do you use for your Ruger Alaskan?
I am torn since I want something for a quick draw, that is stable and requires little or no maintenance.

I see the Kenai Holster which is kydex and nylon. To me it seems perfect.

What do you use? Any users of the Kenai?

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dfariswheel 07-19-2017 02:32 PM

Since leather needs at least some maintenance, the way to go is a heat formed nylon fabric like some Bianchi holsters, or from molded plastic or Kydex plastic.

I'm not familiar with the Kenai but if it looks good to you, try one.
Everybody is different so what you may love I may hate, so recommendations have little value.

Bianchi makes a couple of CCW nylon holsters, and Safari makes some excellent molded plastic holsters.

The most common synthetics are Kydex, and most makers offer good designs.
There are so many available, about all you can do is start looking at holster maker sites.

Kydex has the advantage that they really don't wear out anytime soon, and maintenance is an occasional wash with warm water, liquid soap and a tooth brush.
The disadvantage, for some people, is that Kydex wears a guns finish.
However, unlike leather, Kydex will only wear the finish were it's molded to fit against the gun, it doesn't wear anywhere else.
Leather wears a finish slower, but since it stretches and is so flexible, eventually leather will make contact over the entire gun and wear the entire finish.

The disadvantage of nylon fabric is that it's very abrasive and will wear a finish fast.
If you look at a watch that someone has worn for years with a nylon band, you'll find an impression of the nylon weave worn into the stainless steel case back.

Bottom line, just pick a nylon, molded, or formed Kydex holster you like the look of and try it.
If it doesn't work for you, sell it on the gun forums or ebay and buy a different holster.
Most people who are serious about CCW will try a number of holsters before finding the one they wind up using long term.

CDRGlock 09-28-2017 05:21 PM

I acquired two holsters. A chest Holster by Grovtec. It has an open slot for any sized barrel to fit through it. Virtually any one of my revolvers fit, even with an optic, with the exception of the 460 XVR.

I acquired a Bladetech Kydex Holster, too, and I find it to be very secure/snug. Since it's a stainless steel revolver, I can just polish it as needed. It fits perfectly.

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