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I've had a H&R 32 MODEL 732 S&W L for quiet a few years, but don't really know much about it other than how to shoot it. :smile: It was a gift from my father when I moved out of the house into an apartment on my own, many years ago. It's a nice little pocket gun and it shoots really nice being the little snubnose that it is.

Anyway, my qeneral question here is - Who is H&R and what do people say about their guns? Without doing extensive searching on the internet, I figured I would field the best answers on pistolsmith.com.

Much appreciation to anyone who can help.

Happy Holidays,
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H&R stands for Harrington & Richardson, which was a Massachusetts firearms firm (back when Mass. was the gunmaking capitol of this country). I say "was" because it no longer exists; it was bought up about 15 years ago and became - I think - American Firearms or something like that.

It made a line of pistols and a single-shot, break-action shotgun; this was also a .30-30 (and possibly .223) rifle. Not expensive; not extremely high quality, although it did make a nice double-action .22 revolver. Always had distinctive and, to my eye, attractive deep gray-blue finishes on the better guns.

Hope this helps.
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that's a lot more than I knew before I read your post, so I appreciate it!

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H&R went out of business in 1986 and came back ~ 1990? as New England Firearms. They continued to make inexpensive 22 and 32 caliber revolvers and break-action singleshot rifles and shotguns under both H&R and NEF names. My wife has a 32 H&R magnum revolver that was cheap but has held up but has not been used hard (she shoots it twice a year and sleeps with it when I am out of town).

About 2001 or so they quit making pistold due to liability but kept making the rifles and shotguns. The guns are cheap but reliable with no frills. They come in a variety of calibers. They are the type of gun you buy if a) you are short of cash or b) you really want a rifle in .223 or .357 or a shotgun in 28 gauge, because you found 8000 rounds in your dad's attic, but don't want to spend a lot of money. Savage or Marlin bought NEF a year or so ago.

Note - the gun grabbers have "buy backs" from time to time where they say "Bring in any gun and we will give you $100." When that happens go buy an NEF .410 for $79 at Walmart, shoot it all afternoon, and then go get $100 from the anti's. You will have helped the US gun industry at the expense of the anti's. This is your sacred duty.
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HR 32

I bought the same gun a couple of years ago (model 733) used, and until recently had no problem (only one misfire at the range). But the last time we took it out, the cylinder would not turn on the extractor rod.

What could be the problem? Could a build-up of gunk have frozen it up, and if so would a solvent break that down and get the cylinder turning again? I would hate to have to give up on that piece, because that is my mother's carry gun and cash is precious.


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